Galaxy S7 support


We’ve just receive our galaxy S7 for testing, but we can’t figure how building an APK for it.
I can’t found anything on the forum related to the galaxy S7.

We tried to update android SDK to Android 6.0 (API 23)
Android SDK Build-tools 23.0.1

Inside UE 4 :
We change the android minimum version to: 23
Target SDK to: 23
NDK API Level to : android-23

Build > Error

We want to test the new GearVR, our scene build properly for the S6.
Is the S7 supported ?

What can we do ?
Thank you

Try building as if it’s Galaxy S6 ?

we tried first, when we execute the *-armv7-es2.bat, the prompt window stay on “waiting for device”, i wonder where is the problem.
I know that S7 is on marshmallow, not lollipop

I personally don’t use .bat files. I just copy .apk to my S6 and install it directly.

ah thank you, that’s working !
The APK for S6 works on S7, but the framerate is not as good, it stick at 30 fps most of time.

any issue with the Galaxy S7 ??

Maybe your scene is too complex? Remember, 60 drawcalls and 100k tris is the (soft) limit for S6.

I don’t believe UE4 4.11 uses Vulkan on S7 yet, so your should be around the same limitations on S7.

For me, UE4 does 58 fps in the empty scene on S6, but it doesn’t feel like it. Feels like 60 fps. I reported the issue to Oculus and they will investigate it (although no idea when). Epic never commented on this issue, and some folks here claim they run their Gear VR games at 60 fps rock solid. Go figure :confused:

Hi fabilabo,

Do not use API 23, there is an issue with the APK expansion library at the moment with this SDK. Set NDK to android-21 and SDK to “matchndk” and it should package properly.

actually the scene run very nice at full 60 fps (not 58…)
The test scene isn’t very complex, maybe 10Kpolys…

The question is just “why the S6 is faster than S7” ?

we have to command 22 gears, i don’t want to get 22 S7 slower than cheapers S6…

How do you determine that? Does stat FPS cmd show 60 fps when running on the device ?

yes, cmd stats fps show 60 fps on the S6

btw, I PM’ed you something.

ok thanks Carmack !

I guess we can support S7 over S6 now (it is a difficult choice because the special offers for S7+free gear expire in 2 days…)

@fabilabo: replied to your PM

@fabilabo: Did you get my PM with my e-mail by chance ?

I’ve built the “Sun Temple” demo for Android ECT2 and got it on to the Samsung S7 all …

but when it goes VR Gear mode the screen is not working as it should…

I have it as non-VR and plays well…looks good…but as soon as it goes split screen…weirdness ?

Anyone else getting this… (ignore the Finger Control points…I have tried with and without it…)


Did you turn off Mobile HDR?

I left most of the defaults as they were…so will check to see if this is on…

I tried more settings last night but nothing better than above image !!!..

Update : looks like HDR was on…ok recompiling…

Update 2 : as I turned the phone on there was an Oculus System Update as well… but either the HDR and/or Oculus Update fixed the issue…

Now to compile one of my works on to the phone…looking good so far !!! - thanks for the tip @aussieburger (with pineapple I presume)

What version of Unreal Engine are you recommending Chris? Also, which version of Android SDK do you recommend we install? The GearVR video here recommends pulling from nVidia’s site.

HDR is unfortunately still not support for GearVR :frowning:

Figured it out. For GearVR on Samsung Galaxy S7, I needed to use Unreal Engine 4.11 (preview 7). The version of Android SDK/tools that works is the one bundled with Unreal Engine:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.11\Engine\Extras\AndroidWorks\Win64\AndroidWorks-1R1-windows.exe

Version 4.10.4 would build fine, but because it does not have the latest Oculus SDK, it has a jittering issue on the GearVR/Galaxy S7 when you rotate your head (even if you are maintaining 60 FPS).