Galaxy Heist - Online FPS with Ship Battles in Space

------About Galaxy Heist---------

Galaxy Heist is a single player and online co-op game for PC and Xbox One

There have been some huge updates to Galaxy Heist recently and the game has gotten some major changes with it’s mechanics. The main ship that the player is in control of is now huge, with many floors and hangars bays. An entire fleet of pilots and crew members at their disposal. Players travel across space to capture areas of the Galaxy while trying to defend their ship and recruit new crew members by landing on planets.

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Anybody has say you anything already? OMG
Amazing this just amazing, keep this amazing work :3

Haha thanks SirKlu! :slight_smile:

Are the turrets independently controllable by other players? (Are they individual pawns?) As in, can one player fly the ship while another takes control of a turret? I’ve been trying to implement this in a multiplayer environment using Blueprints but have been banging my head against the wall for months.

Ooooo … Space Engineers on steroids … just kidding. 8-}

This looks pretty cool, good job … keen to see where this goes.

Galaxy Heist is looking great, SpaceBearDev :slight_smile: Stoked for this project

Yes the turrets are independently controllable, they can be destroyed on their own without effecting each other. Yes, one player can fly the ship while other players control different turrets or fly the smaller drone fighters remotely, while still holding their seats in the large ships. We couldn’t do this without Rama being part of the team so I can’t really give you much advice on how to get this working :frowning:

Thanks! That means a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy! Save one of those EGX booths next year for us :wink:

New ships becoming flyable. Space combat video on its way.


Playing around with Rama

Nice work there! I love it. Try to adjust the camera angle dependently to the ship rotation, it adds immersion a lot. I remember there was a mod for UT3 - Planetstorm, quite similar.
I also tried making a thing like that ages ago but on Unreal Engine 1. Replication problem killed it eventually. I might be of a help in blueprints and graphics a bit. But I’m short on time (still got my own projects)

Yes this has been added since the time of making that video :slight_smile: Thanks!

Looking good, glad to see we’re getting more sci fi projects! =)

That looks really awesome. Firefly had unique and interesting setting that has not been used in games as far as i know. If you can recreate the ‘Western in Space’ feeling of Firefly I would definitely play that game.

I also like the planet. Is there maybe have a tutorial on how to create something like that?

New video!!!
A full fly through of one of our interior maps followed by a sneak peek at the new gameplay!

Hey sorry I didn’t see any of the replies to this forum for some reason.

Thats our goal!

Probably UE4 seems to have a tutorial for everything, I don’t know off hand where to point you though sorry :frowning:

Well done. I like the mood of the game but the Ships are abit off I think. You have modern interior with old rustic type of ships. I think your interior should match the ship hull/style…smooth…know what i mean.
Over all it looks great and I wish you luck.

My fav was the world scene…sweet.

  • The game potential is huge and work so far looks excellent and reminiscent of AFF Universe. You have Rama on-board too, which is maybe your productivity secret weapon!

  • That said, new games like No Man’s Sky - Elite D - Star-Citizen, have raised the bar for anybody working on a space game. I want to fly down to planets, will that be possible?

  • How large will the universe be? The AFF Universe guys ‘cheated’ by using two diff sizes of universe for interior / exterior gameplay, but here the clips look all one scale?

  • When ships are in-flight and moving fast, will the inertia of the moving ships affect players walking about the bridge?

  • In one clip, a player exits the ship via the bridge-deck glass. In game, will a forward moving ship run over the player, or will the player carry a velocity matching the ship?

  • Agree with SIGames, the outside of the ship looks ‘Trucker-Joe’, whereas the interior is all smooth black sleek lines. But maybe you’re working on a million ships for Kickstarter?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Probably not in the initial release unless the kickstarter is just insanely successful. We have no major source of funding yet and the focus of Galaxy Heist is on boarding other peoples ships during large pvp space battles.

Focus is on the battles themselves more than having tons of space to explore like in Elite D. The interior maps of the large spaceships are instanced off of the exterior space areas where the larger battles take place. So boarding another ship in the battle essentially pauses the location of those two ships and takes the people on both ships into the interior map of whichever ship was disabled/boarded.

As far as boarding and main combat goes, no, for the reason explained above. However I plan on making a second game mode that would see the ship simulating movement while running around inside, so the longer answer to this is yes but I’m going to wait until just before kickstarter to talk about that specific game mode :slight_smile:

I think this was also answered above. For a ship to be taken over and boarded it has to have been disabled in space combat first so this wouldn’t be an issue.

Well of course, the outside is always getting shot up and hit with space debris :slight_smile:

Amazing work, those character models are fantastic.

Thanks! That means a lot.