Galactic View in Unreal Engine

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie.
With that out of the way, my fist step in testing whether Unreal Engine would be the best toolkit for my game is to build a “Galactic View” level.
My game design for Galactic View would feature approximately 2 million stars located in a 3D elliptical galaxy. The player will be able to switch to this view and see them all as dots of light.

1st testing pass would be to procedurally generate 10000 dots:

  1. Generate random azimuthal angle (0-360), polar angle (0-360) and radius (0-10000)
  2. Transform said coordinates to cartesian coordinates
  3. Squash Z-coordinates by a factor of 5
  4. Transform them back to spherical coordinates.

The radius is in light years.

Upon zoom-in, the player should be able to choose a zoom factor which is of no less than 1 light years (a sphere 1 light years radius) centered on a star while still seeing all other stars in the distance by rotating the camera.
I am not accustomed to using Unreal Units, so my first question would be: should I be worried about UU settings? I don’t want to create a level that’s too big and use up unnecessary resources.

I think the limit on the particle system is 1 million particles. Remember at the very least you’d be using a million polygons which would be enough to cover an entire level.