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Cool Pack, bought it.
No i have one question, when i repaired a pipe with welding, how can i destroy it with the hammer again

Both tool can be used to damage or to repair. You can set a few variables to make certain force damaging

Okay, how ?

There are a few examples in the test map but basicly setting the Hit Max Force to a low value will help, you will also need to change the damage, for test I reccomend a simple Fixed Damage: true and Fixed Damage Percent: 10-15
It needs some trial and error to fit your needs tho.

RepairableExample2 on the test map is a good example for that

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im just gonna paste my post on the forum, :smiley:

HI, im still a noob in VR and im currently trying to create a vr app where you pick up a static mesh and attach it to another static mesh in an exact location.
i tried to use this plugin…achment-system
but when i try to use my own meshes i can’t pick them up anymore ( because they are only static meshes at this point and doesn’t have the pick up PB) and if i try to copy the pick up PB from a blue cube it won’t compile because the VR attachment system blueprint parent is a custom one “Weapon Base” and not a static mesh actor.

So can anyone help me figure out how to get the vr attachment system above to work in vr with my own Static meshes ? or is there a better way to attach static meshes together in VR like the system above.

HELP PLEASE :smiley:

(Answered on Discord)

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Just purchased the Architectural Camera System, as I was looking for something just like the Epic Zen Garden system and this looks perfect! It says in the description that inputs are keyboard and mouse, so does this mean I wouldn’t be able to use touch inputs to trigger the BPs? If that is true is there any chance you’d add that in the future?

Hey, thanks for the purchase, I’ve just added basic touch input, haven’t used it before but hopefully this is what you meant. I’ve submitted the version to the marketplace, hopefully they will accept it soon. (Only 4.21 or newer versions tho)

Thanks for such a quick change! I was hoping to have a way to move around in a level using the mobile touch pad before clicking on a target point to trigger the camera system. I’ve got it where I can do touch control to trigger the camera system but my guess is I need to build movement controls directly into the ArchitechPawn to be able to move around?

Yes, unfortunatly it was designed to have a sort of static design by clicking on points and switching between several cameras, if you need a sort of free flying camera then the basic pawn should be sufficient, if you want to merge the two, you are going to need to implement that basic movement yourself.

Cool, I’ll see what I can do, thanks for explaining.

So last night there was an update to the pack and after doing it there are two issues showing up.

First, in the BP_ArchitechPlayerController, there are five warnings:

InputAction Event references unknown Action ‘SelectCamera’ for InputAction SelectCamera
InputAction Event references unknown Action ‘ResetCamera’ for InputAction ResetCamera
InputAction Event references unknown Action ‘NextCamera’ for InputAction NextCamera
InputAction Event references unknown Action ‘PrevCamera’ for InputAction PrevCamera
InputAction Event references unknown Action ‘Interact’ for InputAction Interact

Second, when I use the game mode now and am playing a level, anywhere that I click and interact with a mesh it draws a track of where I clicked from to where I clicked. Below is a pic showing what is occurring.

Holy cow, okay for the second, that’s totally my bad, I left the debug mode on in the blueprint, I’ll update it later but you can just go to the touch event and turn it off, about the reference… I’m not exactly sure why is that happening, the update might have messed up something, or maybe it was Epic… I’ll look into it

There is indeed some sort of weird bug with the published version, the added config file cannot be found… which is quite sad. (I reworked the inputs a bit so it can be changed easily) I’ve written a letter to the marketplace support team, hopefully it will be resolved next week.

I’ve submitted a fixed version, hopefully they’ll update it soon, sorry for the inconvinience

Not a problem, thanks for looking into it and also the temp fix!