FXAA > MSAA - What's wrong here?


I’m having trouble figuring what’s going on here. I thought MSAA was supposed to be the rolls royce of the AA, but what I’m seeing is far from convincing.
Needless to say I’m not technically proficient, I’m just trying to solve an aliasing issue I have in my game and those are tests I’ve done on a fresh 4.17.2.
And yes forward render is activated.

Am I missing something? Are there secret options to change?


Ahh I see, so if I follow your explanation, it means the MSAA would show it’s strength in other situation than such contrasted ones?

The issue i’m trying to solve is for my game where I have a ship with a strong emissive material for a neon look.
At first I tried Temporal, but too much visual artifacts and ghosting. It was damaging for the experience since this is a very fast paced game.
Then tried FXAA but the aliasing was a problem as it creates a lot of noises and reduces player’s response time.
MSAA didn’t save my ***, alas (see the two screenshots, the lines of the corridors can be tweaked to reduce the issue, but the shape of the ship, and also the obstacles, no can do)

This is the pacing and visual of the game by the way (well the first level) :…93177636245504

I’m starting to think I won’t get a good AA solution for this. It might have to rely on some tricks to hide those nasty aliasing.