FViewUniformShaderParameters / Custom Node / not working

Hey everyone,

I’m playing with some distance field stuff right now and would like to use some Uniforms from FViewUniformShaderParameters. They were mentioned a while ago in Ryan Brucks talk in the training.…ers/index.html

I’m getting erros for everything. For example the same Parameters Ryan used in the training: View.ExposureScale;

[SM5] /Engine/Generated/Material.ush(1590,1-4): error X3004: undeclared identifier ‘View’

What did change in the meanwhile? Can I still use them in a Custom Node within the shader editor? I’m on 4.23 Final.

Really appreciate any help,


Hey - did you ever figure this out? I’m running into the same issue, with View being undeclared. It seems like the compiled shader still has references to View though, which doesn’t make sense to me.

Hey @ezzzrrra,
sorry didn’t find a solution so far. One of those dead end issues that die in the forum I guess. I actually tried tweeting Ryan Brucks and evangelists about this a while ago but didn’t get a reply :slight_smile:

I’m watching the same training and just learned that View.IndirectLightingColorScale returns the same value.
We can find the current name scheme (like WorldViewOrigin) at FViewUniformShaderParameters | Unreal Engine Documentation .