FViewport::GetHitProxy always null

I’m trying to draw in game a spline and it’s control point to do something close to what is done in editor by FSplineComponentVisualizer.

My issue is that I get always a nullptr from FViewport::GetHitProxy.

Looking what people asked before here I see that it’s a common issue and nobody was able to reply with some sort of solution.

I’d like to understand what I should implement to get it working.
Anybody can help?

Is it normal that when I look for getting hit proxies from a viewport I get with
FViewport* Viewport = GetWorld()->GetGameViewport()->Viewport;
a Viewport/HitProxyMap/HitProxies that is NULL ?

I’m adding the HitProxies in a

class FSplineIGESceneProxy : public FPrimitiveSceneProxy
// …


void FSplineIGESceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements(const TArray& Views, const FSceneViewFamily & ViewFamily, uint32 VisibilityMap, FMeshElementCollector & Collector) const
for (int32 ViewIndex = 0; ViewIndex < Views.Num(); ViewIndex++)
FPrimitiveDrawInterface* PDI = Collector.GetPDI(ViewIndex);

	FVector From = FVector(100, 100, 100);
	FVector To = FVector(200, 200, 100);


	PDI->SetHitProxy(new HIGEFromHitProxy(From));
	PDI->DrawPoint(From, FLinearColor(0, 1, 0), 20.f, SDPG_World);

	PDI->DrawLine(From, To, FLinearColor(1, 0, 0), SDPG_World);

	PDI->SetHitProxy(new HIGEToHitProxy(To));
	PDI->DrawPoint(To, FLinearColor(0, 0, 1), 20.f, SDPG_World);



that is used by a derived from UPrimitiveComponent