Fuzzy level viewport with Lumen enabled

when I enable Lumen as both Dynamic Global Illumination Method and Reflection Method the level editor viewport becomes fuzzy.

Hardware ray tracing is disabled and Software ray tracing can be either Detail or Global with the same results. The graphic card is a 1080Ti.

I would like to keep Lumen enabled (the new default lighting is really terrible without Lumen), but editing the level is very difficult like this.

Does anyone have the same issue and can suggest a solution?

Sorry to bump this, but most of our team is struggling on this issue.
It seems that all raytracing-capable graphic cards are affected by this (GTX 1080/1080Ti and all RTX), so it should be pretty common.
Is this a known issue?

I have this issue in the valley of ancients demo on my 2070. I don’t know what causes it though, as in my own project (with lumen gi and reflections) works fine.