Further Animations for Free Mixamo Animation Bundle


I wonder if anybody has allready cam up with some additional animations for the new Free Mixamo Characters that come with the marketplace. I know you can buy some in the Mixamo store, but I can’t afford that at the moment.

Also, if I were to create animations myself (which I never did before), would I need to do that for each of the 15 Characters themself or does it suffice to create one animation and use it for all 15 models?

The animation that are missing most imho are backwards, sidewards moving and maybe a death animation. Having only a forward walking / running animation does not seem to work out for any scenario, except maybe a sidescroller of some sort. Wouldn’'t it be cool to have a coelction of more animations for those characters? Then you could really use them for prototyping your game. I really love the models, they are great quality, but the lack of essential animations makes them less usefull then they could be.

So yeah, you might have figured out that I have no clue about 3d Animation, so if any of my questions, remakrs are unreasonable, please forgive me.

What kind of animations are you looking for exactly? Can you make a complete list? Maybe I am going to do some animations for them…

I think the most usefull would be moving animations:

Move Backwards
Strafe Left
Strafe Right
Attack with a Rifle

Nice to have:
Movement for Diagonal directions
Attack with 1h Weapon and Shield
Attack with 2h Weapon
Spell Casting Animations
Interaction with Object (Use)
Dodge Roll in all directions

Thats all I could come up with right now from the top of my head.
Wouldnt it be nice if we had a little database of free animations for those characters, that anybody could use for their prototypes.

Free sharing of animations is a bit difficult to do unless you have the tools to re-target the raw source to your player model/ rig design. Rumor has it in the future UE4 will support re-targeting but in the mean time a power tool like Motion Builder will get the job done.


You have to have the animations source (FBX).

Once the Market place is up and running I’ll upload some basic 8-way stuff in raw FBX free to use as a complete set.

Well since we are talking about models that come for free in the market place, this should not be an issue.