Function Requests/Bp Eg.

can we get a person that can talk to us even help with some basic things we cannot yet figure out ourself

Like finding out things like owner nodes, player inv, ect also making things like this easier more functional and user friendly

while alot of us no how most of this works and can help as much as we can we still need an area for u to help us to but ill do as much as i can

a suggestion is to put your needs

Some small things to think about:

  1. A way to access and modifying an inventory through blueprints during runtime.
  2. A blueprint function like Get Character Level but for dinosaurs (Get Dino Level?).
  3. A blueprint function to get and set the owner of a dinosaur.
  4. A get the owner function
  5. terraforming
  6. c++ coding by u for the things we cant just blueprint and graph around
  7. A guy to help us eg. coding
  8. u to fix what we cant and let us do what we can (elevator boss dinos and scuba gear were all bought out after we announced we were making it ppl have stopped modding due to just this)
  9. some hands on support (i ask questions to u guys all the time on the forum and u make me feel invisible)
  10. if us the community that made no money can help im assuming that with the millions u made so far u can help us make millions more

Help Starts Here

Lots of Links:

C++ question:


If u havent seen this brilliant and lots of help

Main Tuts:!)&highlight=ark+blueprint

Unreal videos:

Unreal Wiki:�#mw-pages

Blueprints Wiki:

Ark Documents:

Ids and spawning (Masterlist):

Torch mod ref:

Teleport Owner Function: screen_shot.jpg

Replicated Actor Spawning:

Dino Resize camera Fix:

Dino inventory ref:

Gps Ref:

Snappoint Ref:

Referencing help:


Small things to note:

Better to be safe than sorry especially with blind modding, anything u do can have unexpected results have backups and save often
Have multiple folders for “Testing’, 'Creating”, “Working ON” and “Finished/Upload” to save losing everything
Dont be afraid to ask questions the worst thats going to happen is u will get an answer
This game is still very early in and things will change
Most of us are just willing ppl trying to help keep that in mind
Not everyone is the same where i may workaround something one way someone may come up with something better take constructive criticism its better than thinking its perfect when its not
If u have something dont be afraid to share it if u have an idea u cant get to work or something u just dont no how to do dont feel hesitant to throw it up and get opinions
Im here for u :slight_smile: since ive tryed to help other ppl with there mods and work on mine at my own pace i got nothing better to do than go to work and help the community feel free to hit me up or jump in teamspeak

Me :slight_smile:

Im 100% ok to help u through whatever u need,it being hands on support with u or doing it myself and i dont want ur assets for myself unless u want to work on my mod with me then we will create them together and will not give them to others that said some things just cant be fixed over the last few weeks of looking at things some broken but they will get there have some faith lol if u need to find me, want to chat, need some help, or are just bored u can fine me in “teamspeak @” just poke me :slight_smile:

(Will pretty this up as i go)

i think a new subforum is not needed. We only need to have a request thread where we make a list of blueprint functionalities we wish to see implemented.

if its a sub area then whoever it is looking at helping only needs to go to one area and look then do what they can considering we cant use c++ we need someone that can help us help them but as ppl post in here i will be merging it with the main post here so its easier for them to find <3

Ideally we should use an issue tracker where we can request specific functionality which the developers can update us on the status of.
A forum just surrounds a simple request with clutter, like your list which starts with specific feature requests then gets vague and off topic.

I suggest we use this Github issue tracker in the meantime until the developers propose their own.

i got told not to make multiple posts so im putting it all in one requests and help ino it looks bad atm but theres alot of forum to go through ill make it look pretty when im done… on a side note how do i make pics toggle able hidden in the post? i cant really help if the things ppl ask me get posted here thats what the post is for answers