Function is inaccessible

I am having a problem with visual studio of inaccessible function in the engine like UKismetSystemLibrary::DrawDebugSphere appears underlined with red

but it is ignored in compilation (no errors), i am asking because i rely on intellisense and that blocks it from working.
PS: i think this is caused by the default private encapsulation because there is no public above functions’ declaration.

As i said the problem is that by default in c++ class members are private and that’s why intellisense is blocked, i don’t want to change engine classes even by adding a null-effecting public above function.

i add “public:” in KismetSystemLibrary.h at line 258 and that solved my problem.


As far as I know, intellisense is not the best thing to rely on when programming in UE4. I have had countless of instances were intellisense thought something was wrong, but nothing was actually wrong.