Full Body VR Interactivity

This projects blends the Noitom Hi5 Interactivity setup + IKinema Orion Full Body Tracking, in order to give to the user the possibility to see and use their body in VR.

I also added the possibility to change each hand role, in order to choose between interactivity and movement in VR.

Developed using the Unreal Engine 4, tested with Vive Trackers 2018, Noitom Hi5 and Vive Pro.

Next Up:
Gameplay Demo


Nicolas Esposito

Looking good!

I have a similar set up thanks to vr_macro , but I have added some extras to. but what I am really interested in is how you did the hand poses on the full skeleton as I am unable to hold items the way I want to.
I was about come up with another method I have been thinking about , but seeing this has made me curious if If I even need to.

ah ok just seen that you are using a glove to track fingers, I presumed you were adding hand pose anims to the skeleton

Hey @vr_marco thanks!

@AlphaWolF Yes, it’s all done with the Hi5 gloves, so it’s not driven by a trigger, but it’s all done in realtime by custom hand retargeting. Marco’s setup is the perfect solution for using the Vive/Oculus and the controllers, so you can use a similar setujp to mine, and just add hand poses and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Very impressive! RPO is not very far … I already have the HTC Vive with 3 trackers … It is my aim to develop ADV/Cinematic/3d animation only… I am hesitant about the Ikinema solution… a little expensive /year (while I will not use it intensively, only for Mocap sequence). Have you tried the “VIVE Mocap Kit” on UE MARKET? If so, can you give me an opinion on both solutions? Thanks and keep up your work!


The nice thing about IKinema Orion is that is works as a standalone product, so that you can either do simple mocap and record it with its software, or stream the animation in UE4/Unity.
Setup in UE4 is very easy, and you’re good to go in a matter of seconds.
Downside is the complete lack of any kind of customization, and there are some things that need to be fixed with the Mannequin character ( spine curve, head orientation, and other smal things ), that could be easily fixed if they allow some degree of value customization, but is something that you need to do yourself if you want to, or just use the default Mannequin and use Motion Builder/Maya to fix those issues.
Also, if you want to use a character different then the Mannequin, you can either pay 200£ for a custom retargeting, or buy the IKinema Live Action for “just” 2500£

I recently bought the Vive Mocap Kit, and it works very well!
I had some issues with the character setup at the beginning, but the tutorials and documentation is well done, and also the developer ( @YuriNK ) is very helpfull with advices and integration of new features…I mentioned the fact that there is no spine IK setup when using the pelvis and head tracker setup, and after a couple of days he implemented this setup, never seen a developer so helpfull!
There are a lot of things that you can customize out of the box ( upperarm/forearm twist, nr of iteration for IK, many different trackers setup, and so on ), and you also have the source of the plugin, which I personally do not use ( since everything is done in C++ ), but it also allows you to see what’s going on with the IK setup, and in case add/remove what you need in a very easy to understand way.

Also, you can retarget whatever character you want, so no need to pay additional fees for that, which is perfect!

And you buy it once without an annual renewal

They’re both a very professional solution, and for now I’m using Orion for mocap and Vive Mocap Kit for realtime setup ( an updated video with additional features will be done in a month or so ), but I think that I’ll switch to Vive Mocap Kit completely in short time, due to the fact that I don’t need to use an external software to stream data in UE4, and the complete degree of freedom you have over your character setup.

Try both and check them out yourself :slight_smile:

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