FString to FBlueprintSessionResult

Hello i’m trying to make an inverse blueprint node of Get Server Name

I have it’s original source code wich is not working it gives errors.
Can i get some help to create my own custom node that does inverse conversion.

Original Source Code

.h file

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "Online|Session")
static FString GetServerName(const FBlueprintSessionResult& Result);

.cpp file

FString UFindSessionsCallbackProxy::GetServerName(const FBlueprintSessionResult& Result)
	return Result.OnlineResult.Session.OwningUserName;

If you got errors, please state them or else we can only guess whats wrong

it says FBlueprintSessionResult is not defined and bunch of other errors

I figured it out my self! as i tought i had a problem with dependencies so i add them in my build.cs
add the include to the correct file and now it’s working like a charm.

Got everything working now, how do i make it does the invert process now?
Right now is the same as the existing one FBlueprintSessionResult to FString i want it to be FString to FBlueprintSessionResult.

Nevermind i just realized now it is not possibile to make it back to a session since it just gives the name of the server! i’m so stupid lmao. Guess i have to find a workaround for what i want to do.