Front view does not render(show) lighting on sprites that use 'translusent lit sprite' material

As the title says I can only see my lighting when I use the perspective camera in the editor. When I switch to the front view everything looks black as if there is no light.
Thank you.

Forgot to tell you that I am using spotlights. I haven’t tried this with something else so I do not know if this applies to all sorts of different light sources.

Hey Roccinio,

There are a number of differences in how lighting is applied between Orthographic views and Perspective views, and it’s generally a better idea to work in Perspective when trying to see how the game will look during play. Ortho views are more for placement and debugging. It is an inconsistency, however, so I have entered a bug report (UE-7019) and I’ll let you know if I see any update on it. Thanks!

Thank you for this,really apreciate it but FYI using perspective on a 2d game to place ,move or even preview things is not intuitive.It is more of a it is of great importance for us to be able to see everything in orthographic the same way we can see them in perspective.In all these months that i am using unreal i doubt if i have used the perspective camera more than a few dozen times and that was when i had problems with collisions. or other sorts of bugs.

Right, that’s what you use Ortho views for. But when you want to see what the game is actually going to look like, you use Perspective view. Orthographic views did not originally have a lit mode because previewing is not its intended purpose. When they added the functionality, there were some differences in how actors are rendered, and not all of them have been resolved yet. I’ve entered a similar bug for this kind of difference in the past, and it’s been backlogged for the moment, so I expect the same for this one.

This is an real issue, developing 2d game with lights is very problematic when You can’t actually see light. Jumping on and on from persp → ortho to check every single thing is terrific. Please reopen the ticket.

It seems that answer for q. is: do not use ortho camera for 2d game ?

Is this ever going to be fixed?! How many years now has the Orthographic camera and lighting been broken? Looks like Epic aren’t interested in supporting those (many) devs who are working on 2D Sprite based games…

RIP, listed as won’t fix :frowning:

What’s Epic got against orthographic? any issue with orthographic, it’s been neglected like a pet dog they never wanted.
Put it down, or give it some attention.

Some more reference of what else is wrong with ortho… and dev’s neglect.

I believe this is fixed if you use forward rendering, rather than deferred rendering.

I am successfully seeing lit sprites in my project with an orthographic camera, but I may have material differences than you.

I discovered this from the the following tutorial, it is worth a watch for more reasons that just how to switch renderers. :):