From UDK to EU4, Pipeline and Feature changes Reference

Bonjour Everyone.

This post is about the changes in Pipeline and features between UDK and Unreal Engine 4.
Why this post ?
Because I am transferring 2 years of work (assets, shaders, Unreal Scripts, etc…) to the New UE4.
I am of course having issues, and solving them takes me time.
So i want this post to be a reference to you so you can save time.

edit : I will be editing this also, new found (Thanks

I will report back here very often these days (End of March 2014) to add corrections or content.
If you have some feedback etc… i will add to this first post right here.
Please post your verified experiences only. This is not a solving post. It’s a reference, and what you can do to have similar things from UDK to UE4.

Materials :

  • Emissive : In not enabled in the Mesh property in the level anymore. It’s inside the material. (advanced view option need to be ON), it’s dynamic,
  • Specular : You can specify a color into it anymore. It need to be a “metalic material”

-Collision name have changed in your 3d apps
The UCX now need to have the same name than the main geometry.
UDK : MyMesh, UCX_MyCollision was okay.
EU4 : MyMesh, UCX_MyMesh_## The name need to be the same _## is a number in case you have several UCX in there

-No more .ase .psk .psa (from ActorX)
Go Fbx (2013)

Lights, lightmaps, lightmass:

  • Emissive doesn’t emit photons anymore (will not show in lightmaps)

you should check out this thread:).

Forget the scripts, they’re redundant. The materials are set-up completely differently too. So you have a big job in hand.

Please check 's link and update the Wiki page as you find more!

I will update there then !

Kewl thread I will watch it. I am pretty solid on getting everything moved over currently minus the below topic.

Ha, sorry, I won’t say anything important here : I never used terrains. (nor will I in the next year considering my current projects)