From Blender to Unreal, untextured

Hello all, Firstly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your families.

I have been playing around with the UE4 and its marvelous. Blew me away.

Here is the question.
I have made a 3D model of Dragonslayer(Berserk) un-textured in Blender 3D. I would like to bring it into the the UE4 environment for use and texturing, should I UV unwrap the entire model first and then bring it in or should I port it through without the wrapping.

Thank you in advance. Image of the Model to follow soon.

Hi HulloVanQuest, happy holidays to you too!

In short, yes, definitely UV unwrap your model first. You can also have multiple UV channels if you so desire.

In addition, if this mesh is intended to be a static mesh, you’ll need a lightmap UV channel as well (just hit lightmap pack in the unwrap menu in Blender, if you didn’t know that already).