Fresnel seems inverted on mobile with ES2 preview

Hey Folks!

I’ve been playing around with porting some materials over from a SM5 setup to mobile, and I noticed that my particles where all gone. Looking into it more, I figured out that the Fresnel was causing the problem and that for some reason it was inverting when using ES2 (or even 3.1/metal, assuming that’s what’s being used when building for iPhone6 on latest iOS). I fixed it by adding in a Feature Level Switch, but I feel like this should something that’s fixed and not relying on shader hacks. It already takes long building all the shaders with every change, so I can only imagine how many extra permutations are coming out of simply adding this node.

Also - When previewing on Window using ES2 preview, it works. When previewing the exact same thing on OSX with ES2 preview, the fresnel seems to not be working at all.

Is there something that I’m missing here? Is this the intended result of the Fresnel node?