Fresnel effect for fibers - help ideas

I need to add a Fresnel-like effect to some moss.
example from real life

My moss fibers are made from lots of poly planes with a masked texture; using foliage shading model and sss isn’t any good for this Fresnel effect.
I have no idea how i can get this effect… Could you peoples kindly pitch in ideas for me? (but not suggestions of fur material,pom , shelll based fur - i have tried these methods, but they are unsuitable for a moss closeup).

massive thanks for any help with this.

Idk if it’s really what you are looking for but there’s a material function in the engine FuzzyShading that might help you :slight_smile:

Show what you have now? Also what kind of material you have?

thanks for suggestion vinz, here is what i have now:
I have not made a decent shader yet, i have thought about it alot but am still stumped.
I see no way to use fuzzy shading though.

The reason i am using masked planes rather than a fur shader or the shells method is because i plan on making a clumpy, mossy, woodland floor with several varieties of moss, rather than the generic general furry moss that suffices for cases with very short, compact moss.
I would use pom, but where the silhouette intersects other objects, the silhouette shifts about as you move the camera angle.

If i wasn’t limited to using polys, every blade of moss would have translucency and sss applied to the tip.