Frequently create UI controls. The corresponding number of RemoveParents. Will memory leaks occur

When I “RemoveParent” the old UI. Old UI variables can still access the UI of old controls for “Add ViewPort” operations. So when I’m “Create Widget” frequently. In frequent RemoveParent. Is it that the memory space of the old UI application has always existed, but it has not been rendered? Is this a memory leak?

(中文:当我"RemoveParent"旧的UI后。旧的UI变量依然可以访问到旧控件的UI进行"Add ViewPort"操作。那么当我在频繁"Create Widget"。在频繁RemoveParent。是不是旧的UI申请的内存空间一直存在,只是没渲染出来。这是不是就会产生内存泄露?)

The translation is a bit hard to understand. But I will give my opinion. I have never seen a memory leak for UI with Unreal recently so I think it may have to do with if you are properly destroying each widget at the proper time. I know that is not the best answer but it may help you to look closely at your code to find the issue. Good Luck!