Frequent UE4 Crash when exiting VR Play in editor

I’ve had this problem over several projects, on different pc’s, so I think it’s an engine bug, but just to confirm, does anyone else experience this?

Basically the editor crashes after hitting Escape in a VR Play session, usually when I do short preview plays swithing from editor to VR play and back.

Nothing happens when I ht Escape. I cannot exit VR mode.

just to clarify, I don´t mean editor VR mode, the building tool,

I mean playtesting the game in VR

and I´m bumping this, because I cannot believe I´m the only one having this on multiple PCs with multiple different projects.

i’m downloading editor symbols now so i can paste the crash report

Can confirm I have this crash as well, sometimes its a clean crash and will have the error reporting pop up - sometimes it just shuts down.

I don’t know if it helps but sometimes my graphics card crashes as well, either causing or caused by an engine crash.

Ive been struggling with this issue for over a year now!. and its a real motivation killer every time I want to dev something it quickly leads to frustration until I just end up loosing motivation again.
Every-time I exit VR preview the engine crashes, Every project

UE 4.18.3 with NVidia GeForce 384.94 driver (GTX 1070) has been very stable for me. No crashes at all so far.