Freeze using HTC Vive Wireless

Hello everyone,
I’m facing some issues using the Vive with the wireless adaptator. The setup works well in most of the case but sometimes it seems to lost the signal between the HMD and the emitter. During that period the game freezes (expected behavior as it lost audio and video output), and everything come back when the HMD is detected again.
In some case, even if the HMD is detected again, the game will freeze until it crashes (when it exceed the rendering thread time out).

Logs contain no specific error except that line : LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s).
I improved the stability of the link between the HMD and the emitter by placing the emitter higher but I still got some cuts. I’ve tried with different package build with different UE4 version (4.17,4.20 and 4.21) to see if a newer version of the engine is more resilient.
Is someone facing the same issue ?

Tech Specs :
Windows 10
GTX 1080
Graphic drivers, Steam VR, and vive wireless app up to date

The wireless adapter is not incredibly reliable, but completely uninstalling and reinstalling the vive wireless software and steam VR helped alleviate some problems for me. Also we had serious disconnecting issues that were completely solved by swapping the USB cable that connects the battery to your head. the one packaged with the vive wireless apparently is a cheap cable.

I havn’t confirmed this myself, but I’ve heard certain more recent versions of Windows can interfere with the vive wireless as well somehow, so maybe reverting windows versions may help or updating your BIOS may help if you are stuck

Thanks for your answer. After spending a lot of times, the USB was responsible for the most of the crashes. We still have some sporadic disconnections but the newest engine version seems to handle better the disconnecting/reconnecting process of the wireless module. Disconnection caused immediate crashes on the UE4.17 version. So we upgraded our oldest project from 4.17 to 4.21 and are processing tests on this. This may due to the version of SteamVR SDK within the engine.

I also confirmed that reinstalling Steam VR and the Intel wireless app can solve some issues. On the other hand, the windows version doesn’t seem to have any impact in our case.

Hi, I’m using the Vive Pro wireless on windows, and get this issue too. However the headset is almost always seen by the IR module - be sure the hmd stays in less than 5-6m from it, in most cases the game/editor freezes only when I disconnect the headset from its powerbank.
Also as the IR emitter is R and only one, be sure there is no object between the emitter and the headset. And since IR can be reflected by some materials (mirrors, windows, some fabrics and metals…), avoid IR-reflective surfaces in the field of view of the emitter.