[FREE] Various models

First and foremost, thank you very much for your generosity. About the license, not all CC licenses require attribution. You can use CC0 (CC0 1.0 Universal, Public Domain Dedication, http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) to place the work into public domain and make it available to all mankind without any limitations or requirements whatsoever.

Hi DaveFace, I’m sorry to hear about Grindstone. I was keeping my eye on that one. Perhaps the assets can be re-purposed with a lil grudge into the survival horror as I still see potential with the idea of Survival set in an office , just add some Horror and multi-player elements. A few years back I wanted to dev a Fan-based game based on Stephen King’s The Mist (survival horror in grocery store). With a change of setting and new monsters, I would like to revisit that idea some day.

thanks for sharing all this, stuff like this truly helps the community and tho i don’t have a true use for them im positive a lot of others do :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing these, I’ll add them to the community list of free resources. :slight_smile:

Great models, I’m thinking with the radio, beretta, office & bathroom stuff DIE HARD NAKATOMI PLAZA REMAKE IN UE4!!! haha :wink: Thank you :slight_smile:

Super cool. Thank you!

Well it’s funny you should say that, because Grindstone was a kind of ‘homage’ to Die Hard, although the story-line themes were very different. The choice of Beretta was intentional, and the radio was modeled on the one seen in the film (which, by the way, is more attention to detail than a certain game took)

Unfortunately making a complex single-player game like that had a lot of hurdles for a small team, which I didn’t anticipate at the time. I’m sure we could have made it as a small, linear game but I don’t think that did the concept justice - maybe when we revisit it, we’d work in some co-op functionality because linear singleplayer games seem to be falling out of favour lately, at least for indies. I could see The Mist working as a psychological horror game actually, if you had a really non-linear story with an interactive environment, and small trips outside the store in a group, the outcomes of which affect the story going forward. Although my only familiarity with the story is from the film - not sure if that’s a good indication of the book.

thank youuuuuu

nice assets…will help lot of people…nice to share…give free something get free something back

Oh wow these look great! Thank you so much for sharing!! :slight_smile:

Wow man this is huge
thank you for sharing!

Im sorry to hear about your game, but this is an amazing release thank you for this!

These are really excellent assets. Very generous of you to gift this to the community. Your efforts are much appreciated!!

The Mist as a psychological survival horror? That sounds really cool. I pretty much was shunned by the community for wanting to use the IP so I abandoned my effort. But, with a change of theme, and different monsters, I think core elements of a small group of players trapped in an area under attack by monsters, demons, aliens, or whatever, could still be fun. Co-op would be a must.

I’m not certain about the trend of single-player games falling out of favor for co-op, but, I personally prefer co-ops because you can design it with the same gameplay as single player game, and allow players to bring along a few friends to share the experience. I only buy Console games that Co-op. All of my games are designed as Co-Ops and include both local Co-op (Splitscreen) and remote Co-op support.

I’m actively looking for ways to utilize co-op in the game mechanics explicitly and implicitly. For example, in a stealth game, a second player, can act as remote viewer or scout in spectator mode, providing info for the first player to use to navigate more efficiently. How about controlling a single character with two or more players? IE: Giant Robot or a Protagonist who suffers Multiple Personality Disorders.

Thank you so much for this! Really top notch work, so generous of you. Sorry to hear about the postponement of Grindstone, the screenshots are really awesome.

Looks great thanks for the share. Hope the horror game goes well.

From the film I gathered the core of the story was of a ‘The monsters are the people inside the building’ type. For singleplayer I could picture it working as a heavily story-driven game like Mass Effect, where you have to get other people who are trapped to join your ‘side’, with occasional missions outside of the building to get supplies. But as a co-op game, I get the L4D influence - that would also work pretty well.

By ‘falling out of favour’, I meant that a lot (if not most) of the popular indie titles recently are either open world single-player or co-op, there’s fewer ‘true singleplayer’ games reaching notoriety with the exception of horror games. But I prefer Co-Op as well, which is why we’re putting emphasis on it for Acedia.

The stealth game mechanic you speak of (i.e. asymmetrical co-op) is actually being done by an old friend of mine. It’s definitely a better stealth mechanic than, say, Payday 2 where 3 players end up waiting for 1 player to complete the ‘stealth’ component of the mission.

What a nice gift from a generous gentleman…
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Asymmetrical co-op. sounds fancy. Very cool. Well I’m curious as to what Acedia will be. I’ll be checking for your recruit thread. I’m currently engrossed in my one-man band project, but, I often have strong urges to join a team.