[FREE] Various models

Hey all

So, last year I was working on a game called Grindstone, which was a first person stealth action/survival type game set in an Office. Unfortunately the concept was a bit too grand / unusual which made recruitment a bit of a pain - so we’ve decided to work on a multiplayer survival horror game which we’ll be recruiting for in a few weeks (any programmers with network experience…just putting that out there).

It seems a shame to waste some of the art content I made for Grindstone, since when we revisit the project I’d probably want to remake them anyway. None of these have LODs, and some of them are completely the wrong scale (just use the uniform scale on import to fix it) - but hey, maybe you’ll find some use for them. Also the selection is random since we had lots of ‘greybox’ assets which I was slowly replacing in no particular order. Here’s a preview of some of them:

These weapon models were all made for third person enemies, so they’re missing the articulation (i.e. removable magazines and the like) for first person use. But the texture ones above have the source high/low poly models, so they could be a starting point for a first person model.

I never finished the materials/normals for the vending machines, and obviously the logo for the one on the left was a stand-in and not included - you get the idea though

The material for the main door looks more interesting in dynamic lighting conditions, honest. Also the locks are separate meshes with the same pivot point.

The files are FBX and 3x .jpg’s (Albedo / Reflection / Normal). For the reflection map, R = Roughness, G = Metalness, B = Ambient Occlusion (i.e. Quixel dDo UE4 preset). I chose JPG because the TGA’s were massive and really, with DXT compression, you’re not going to notice the difference. Also most (if not all) were authored with the intention of being scaled down 50%, but I’ve exported them at 100% just in case you want to modify them in any way. I’ve also included (where I still have them) the 3DSMax source files with the high/low poly models - although these are probably quite messy. I have more of a “It works for me, so whatever” attitude.

If the normal maps give you any trouble, and I think some might because I exported them wrong like an idiot, just flip the green channel:

These are released under the CC0 1.0 Universal license meaning you can use them however you want with no attribution. Although if you’re using them in some kind of finished project it would be cool to let me know where!



Although these assets don’t fit in my project’s time-period, these are very nice! I’m sure these will be very helpful to a lot of people!

You shouldn’t utilize real world branding without permission. While many companies will overlook tiny, unpopular things others won’t take kindly to including trade marks such as “Coca-Cola” without permission.

However the work is certainly good. The detail you put into the fax machines is impressive on a model most people would tend to leave far less detailed.

“obviously the logo for the one on the left was a stand-in and not included” :wink:

The Coca-Cola was just what I had imported into the engine for testing, all I’ve included is a placeholder texture for that.

Hey these look great, I can use them for prototyping at the very least, Thanks DaveFace!

You just helped us with a lot of our project! Thank you so much!

Some really nice models here, thanks for giving to the community

Small request: The Sledgehammer is a .max file and I don’t own max, could someone export it as a .fbx? Much thanks! :smiley:

Here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63590453/HammerTime.FBX

Whoops, must’ve missed that one. Updated for future reference :slight_smile:

Thanks DaveFace … is most generous. 8-}

What is the license on these models?

Thank for sharing :slight_smile:

I Just want to say you thanks for assets, they look very good

Hey thanks for sharing! I think I can use these in a future project!

Well I never decided on a fixed license since all the Creative Commons ones are attribution-based, which I figure just makes the assets awkward to use since it’s another credit to remember. So they’re free to use however you want, no attribution necessary.

DaveFace I’ve got to say, is by far the nicest thing I’ve seen an artist do, you’ve got high quality models and you’re giving them away for free to be used however, and wherever. Our team at Entertainment thanks you! :wink:

I think that’s a valid concern for people planning to use that asset in a game, but for DaveFace releasing them? Not so much. Coca-Cola might ask him to cease and desist at the most, but I doubt even that much.

Anyone who plans to use it in a game would be well advised to change the texture to have a spoof name, though.

Well if someone wanted to use that particular model, they’d have to create a completely new texture for the logo. Like I said, it only comes with masterpiece:

Anyway, I’ve added an old high poly model I made of an M270 MLRS. Not sure what use it is since I made it when learning high poly modelling, and a lot of the edges are really, really sharp. Still, it might be something to learn from.

Sorry for the viewport screenshots, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to wait for to render.

Ah yes, missed that under the screenshot in the original post. So no worries either way then :slight_smile:

I really wish there was a thank option on forum, but thank you for these.
Amazing that you’d let them be completely free without any license whatesoever and I appreciate these!

I don’t know about thank you, but I know forum software has a plugin to add a ‘like’ to posts. Minimal code could change that ‘like’ into a ‘thanks’.