[FREE] VaRest Login System - With PHP and MySQL

Update 01/04/2020:

  • I will update this System in the next few days.

What will be updated?

  • Whole system gets it’s own plugin that replaces VaRest.
  • Login Server will be based on Node.js.
  • New Database Standard will be MongoDB.
  • New Web Interface will be written with ReactJS.

Have a good one!

Greetings Community,
I’ve created an very basic login system with PHP - MySQL - VaRest / UE4.
I share this with you because I didn’t see anything for such system in the web and because of that I want to support the community.

What you need is :

  • Webserver with PHP
  • MySQL Server
  • UE4.9
  • Visual Studio 2013 ( if editor needs to recompile plugin )

What to do?
First import the SQL file into your MYSQL Database.
You can write login information into the table.
( Default User is : testuser - testpassword ).
Upload the webfiles to your webserver and change the mysql configuration in config.php.

Open the ue4 project and open the game instance. Then change the ServerURL variable * http://[YourHost]/ ( It is important that you make a / on the end and use http:// on the beginning. )

  • In version 1.2 http://[YourHost]/api/ ( It is important that you make a /api/ on the end and use http:// on the beginning. )
    And now it should work.

Tutorial how to setup a webapi on windows:

Ban System
Basic Webinterface with Registration and Login

Database Structure
Directory Structure of Webapi
**Please use in Unreal Engine as ServerURL http://(yourserver)/api/

Download VM with the complete webapi:

SVN for Webfiles:

Compiled Demo:

Create Account under:

UE 4.9.2

And if you want to support me:

P.s. Vladimir rocks!:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Good stuff, thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, awesome thank you!

Very cool!

Thanks ! :slight_smile: I will code an webinterface for it in the next update with register system…

I have been looking for this for ages …

Thanks very much for sharing :slight_smile:

That’s very nice of you. Thx for sharing :>

Done in version 1.2

Thanks very much for sharing

Hello. Thanks very much for sharing but this error and unreal engine 4 login panel server offline

Do you have php5-mysql and what php version are you using?
I tested the system with Bitnami Wampp 7.0
Also I tested the system on Linux Ubuntu with Apache2 + PHP5 + PHP5-MYSQL + MYSQL-SERVER.
And if needed try to use ?page= behind your link.

If you have configured everything right it should work with the serverurl in ue4 http://localhost/api/

You can also try

I use wampserver . I can not. Is there a tutorial on this subject.
Can you capture a video

Sure I can do a video… :slight_smile:

Thank you so much When you upload video
thanks again

this may help in my project , i’m working on web portal for games

Thats interesting! Im happy to see some results :slight_smile:

@anonymous_user_da663fb8 Maybe I upload today

thanks share!

@anonymous_user_da663fb8 there you go a full tutorial I made in just a few minutes.

Thank you very spectacular
For taking the time

Public API Server has changed :