[FREE] VaRest Login System - With PHP and MySQL

pleas help me!

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Hey man i really happy becouse i need this like plugin or project like something you are best … And sorry for bad english

quick question. What exactly is loginreqkey in database and how does it affect the login system. Thanks.

And also please how can i make hash of password?

If you want to encrypt the password hashes use in php

The login req key is for accessing the user account data.

Wow! Thank you so much for posting…


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Problem : I setup i mysql server online , and login sys works online.
After i check on UE4 , server is not offline (And that’s ok) But why dont make me log in?
i have 2 errors :
1)On Register (Website)
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: hash_hmac() in /membri/furma94/interface/register.php on line 18
2)On Stats (Website) :
Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: mysqli in /membri/furma94/index.php on line 152

Please help me :\

((Very good job about all the rest :smiley: ))

I’ve implement this system and this works fine, but can you point me the right direction to implement register in game, and how I “Post” some variables? (like health, stamina…)
Wen I change the values in db they change in game, but I’dont know how to do reverse. “in game to db”

Very sorry for my english
Thx for all!

So I figured out that it doesn’t work with some php versions.

Also for implementing custom things like register and so on you need to look in the g_userinfo.php file. there are some funtions inside.
You can manage everything with $_POST"yourpostvalue"] ( g_userinfo.php?yourpostvalue=Something );

Hope you understand something what I wrote…

Ill work on a new example with health and so on. ( A bit more advanced ) :wink:


i have been playing with this plugin for a week :smiley:
it work on php 5.5 + and any version above it :3

Yeah it requires php 5.5 + and above.

Thank you for your reply
something like this?
rly sorry, I’m not a programmer, I’m a graphic designer trying to do something :smiley:

don’t work at all

What is it exactly that you are trying to do? I can try to help the best I can with my limited php knowledge

i think he is trying to add another column in the game like ranks and nickname …etc

because you are using POST:


Try it with GET:


GET is for every variable inside your “adress” e.g. “Example Domain” also you should check if your variable is set - simply do that by using

if(isset($_GET"do"])){ //the rest of your statement }

I could be wrong but afaik JSON uses POST as a method to send data and GET to gather data. But theres also an method for using POST with Json I think. But for that you need to use a Json object. - here you can view a json object.

you are basically trying to make a request on that page. But you are extending your request by adding variables onto your adress line.
This is (simplified) your request: {“Data”: “Some Data”} POST @
You wanted to do this: {“Data”: “Some Data”, “MoreData”: “Some more Data”}



It’s work!!!

Thank you all!!

do u have the instance in c++ cause i already have a basegame instance made in c++ nd it wont work if i use the sparkfire instance unless any one nos how to run 2 instances at the same time?!

You could recode the sparkfire instance to c++. You just need to access the JSON plugin from c++ or need to encode the json with something else you recive from the server. Also you can work with webrequests aswell :slight_smile:
I update the system very soon maybe then I can also make a c++ version of it :slight_smile: