[Free Update Preview] FX Star Starter Kit vA.001 Update

Current Status:
Submitted to Epic

In my spare time, I thought it would be beneficial to update this package to include a few starter blueprints with simple construction functionality.
For anyone who has already purchased the package, this will be a free update. I am currently packaging everything up and am preparing to submit this to Unreal.
I hope this will make this starter kit even more helpful and usable :slight_smile:

Update - 3D [wcs] Bonus Feature

To use, simply drag and drop! (or duplicate and modify).


Original post updated with another feature


You are crazy, friend.

Crazy good.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Free Updates?!


I hope you set the trend here Jeremy!

You are awesome!





If you have already purchased this package, please reply to this request:

Would you like this package update to have a unique name so that it will
not interfere with your current FX Star Package (ie: vA.001)?
- Please Vote by responding Yes or No

Note – If voting on this topic is insufficient, I will default to renaming it in order to properly reflect the update by using the suffix vA_001

**Thanks! **


This is awesome, thanks Jeremy. You provide excellent quality and amazing prices.

I’m fine with keeping the updated package name the same.

Oh cool wasn’t expecting this, looks great Jeremy!

A name change might be good if it prevents access to something in the original pack, but since this is building upon the original the same name should work just fine. :slight_smile:

Great news.


I just got into trying to use this in my project and literally came to the forums to ask you for advice in rolling all the disparate elements into a single BP actor. I love you. :slight_smile: Any chance on an update/ETA on this? Cheers,


Hey JB? Any chance of an update on this? Been a while since you mentioned the update. Just wondering what the status is. I just downloaded the latest version to see if it had the changes you mentioned but it does not. Is this still something in the works? Just wondering if I should keep holding off on the project that relies on it or blunder on. Cheers,


I know it has been a while since the post, but it is quite easy to implement it as a BP. All I did was to create an actor, place all components in there 1 by 1, setting the coordinates, scales and stuff. In order to center the components to the pivot point, just decrease the Y coordinate on the map for the Y coordinates of the Main Mesh (StarHR). I guess the number is 6720.

Looking for the upcoming update myself too, and really loving the thing Jeremy!

Edit: And I have a request on that manner, with the blueprint I tested, rotating the entire object does not give a rotation effect, I am guessing it is about the texture used, not sure though. Can you make it rotatable instead of achieving it with the camera movement if possible?

Nope. It´s a good name and you can follow with it. But you could keep this thread for the following updates so they could reflect all the new additions.
And thank you for your work. It´s awesome.

Yes… Would like to have a new name…

When is the blueprint coming please… Thanks…


Its been six months since the original post stating that blueprint functionality is coming, but we still do not see it. I purchased your product based upon upcoming blueprint functionality… What I would suggest is to change your original post to exclude any mention of the blueprint that way people will know exactly what they are getting.

I apologize for the inconvenience. My work load has been incredible and thus I have not been able to update everything I would like to and there are still existing bugs within the unreal engine that prohibit proper attribute changes to particles via blueprint that I was waiting on them to fix. Aside from this, the blueprint update only took me about 15 minutes of work and was more of an extra for those who didn’t want to attach the material nodes themselves. There is nothing special about the content within the update, and thus if you are in desperate need of it, spending a few minutes to simply hook up one that suites your needs might be better in the long run. It should only take 15-20 minutes and there are hundreds of tutorials covering the subject.

The update is still planned to come out, I am sorry it is not in a timely fashion though :frowning:
The unreal engine marketplace is not my main source of income but rather a depot for some content that people can learn from for a very very small price (and does not take priority over my professional work).

Please try to understand, I am not trying to be difficult or misleading.

If it took you 15 minutes, how about making a youtube tutorial? That would be helpful and it would meet the “spirit” of your original post. Your audience are all levels… I’ve been spending about 2 hours a day learning…but…for only the last three weeks. It takes time. (I’m sure other smarter people will figure it out sooner…) but… a specific tutorial on your specific subject would be quite helpful.


Totally understand JBaldwin.

Sometimes in the game industry “Crunch Time” happens.

I am not saying JBaldwin is going through Crunch time but… He could be knowing how much of an common occurrence it is in the game industry. What I am trying to say is he might not have 15 minutes to himself just to make a tutorial and if he did he probably will spend it doing something else.

I am not JBaldwin so - Not sure what his situation is.

My 2 Cents. :slight_smile:

  • HeadClot

Then, he needs to change his original post… I purchased his product based upon certain functionality that he said would be available… Its now six months later. Look, his stuff is cool… He’s talented… what I am saying is he should do what was promised or change the original post to exclude any mention of blueprint functionality. Why is that so unreasonable? Or, make a tutorial which would result in the same thing as providing a blueprint…

  • teak

I vote: NAY!

I want you to know that your happiness is of the utmost importance.
For this reason, I am halting my packing for a part of today and putting all other obligations on hold to look into this.