Free Trial Suggestion

I was thinking about maybe a free trail for products in the marketplace. For this to work so people couldn’t exploit it, in my opinion, you’d have to have a default world that you cannot export anything. This would prevent people from exploiting the system and getting the item for free. This could increase marketplace sales because people will know if they want to buy something by trying it first. If people can’t try things first then they might decide to not buy something because they are worried it might not be what they want. This can either be time based or in just a demo world mentioned above.

Thanks for your time!

I have moved the thread to “Feedback for Epic”.

that’s not gonna happen, at least for bp
for most part blueprints in marketplace is more an education and less actual work done for you, which is weird
at least thats how it promoted by creators, i was on stream where some guy making “generic shooter” for marketplace and for question “how did you make that widget” answer was “wait few days until my project will come out on marketplace”

Thank you for your suggestion! Just so this receives more activity, I would advise adding this suggestion to this thread link below:

Any ideas you think will improve the Marketplace, post them all here. If the feedback is very positive from your post, we may consider adding them to the Marketplace. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, we’re always at least listening here!

Generally, we’ve avoided anything that depends on any kind of DRM or license manager for success or fairness, because we hate DRM ourselves when we encounter it in other software, and DRM would be especially futile in an open engine like UE4.

We agree that there is an underlying need for more detailed visibility into what’s in a Marketplace package prior to purchase. We’re planning to work on package-viewing functionality in the marketplace, so you can get a hierarchical list of assets in a package, with screenshots where appropriate.

If you do find yourself having purchased a Marketplace item and you feel it’s not what was advertised, you can always talk to and I think you’ll find them reasonable and understanding.