[Free] Trees Library

Still free and no issue opening it in 4.17.1 (after in-place conversion). I also noticed there is a huge forest map included in the project :

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us !

Hey there, how do you do an in-place conversion?

Hey, I just wanted to drop a note to say I’ve had issues compiling projects with this in 4.18. Particularly the banana plant. Thanks for the great assets mind.

When I try to use this why does it say it requires a plugin? and the plugin can’t be found anywhere?

Every time I try to open the material or apply it to a tree it sets to default UE4 material

as I remember it was Substance or LowEntry’s plugin, both are free and available in the Marketplace. I use some trees in my RTS project , and after migrating, my project does not require these plugins…

btw I modified the materials a while ago, corrected the brightness values of billboards (probably *2) to match with the 3d models. and for performance optimization I created a material without wind animation for the last 3d LOD, and reworked LOD distance values. if anyone interested I check them and can share it here, really easy stuff…

Can I use this in Unreal Engine for later commercial use?

What site are you refering to?

Thank you so much!

Thank you ! Very helpfull !

Thyanks I needed that

Thanks for the trees, it’s great for testing out and learning how landscaping works in UE4.
Howeever, when painting some of the trees, I get this crazy color variation in the leaves, some of them even going into a shade of pink - how would one turn that off?

Looks great! I can’t believe you are releasing this for free. What @sivan said is kind of concerning tho. Do you know whether these can be used in commercial products? Nevermind i noticed there are actually several pages and the question has been answered.

I am trying to migrate the trees from the included project (Trees_library) and i can’t seem to be able to do it. I select the folder and press migrate, and the files transfer, but it doesn’t like right, especially shadowing. It looks like one big shadow instead of the detailed shadow for each leaf in the Trees_library project. I also tried copy pasting all your lighting and RenderFX into my project but it doesn’t help. You could you help me? Maybe you know what i could be doing wrong. They also look a lot worse. I don’t have some of the plugins that ue4 says are required for the project, but since i can open the trees_library and view everything fine i don’t think that’s the issue

convert the trees lirbary project first to the same as your game project, it might help…

These trees are amazing! The only downside to them, that I can see, is that when I get far away they turn completely flat, that isn’t the problem, and are the same material as the bark, that is the problem. I’m guessing that is happening because I’m doing something wrong, but I can seem to correct the mistake. Any help would be great! Thank you!

I have tweaked the materials, brightness was not set properly to match model and billboard, and maybe did some other changes I can’t remember. I could upload my version using UE4.19 if it is allowed…

That would be amazing! Would you have to get permission from someone?

That would be very nice and helpfull.

ok. don’t hesitate to pm me if I forget it, just a question of time (zipping uploading) :slight_smile: