[Free] Trees Library

Thanks for the info!
I also have a set of low poly trees with some better leaf and bark textures, maybe I will share that too… :slight_smile: does the gumroad “pay if you want” work in practice?

sivan]( My intention in publishing the trees was that more people are encouraged to contribute their trees made of whatever form, and create a library of trees for use in any kind of project without licensing concerns (so no speedtree or trees that require a licence of the software, please). So if you decide to share will be phenomenal!

About Gumroad well I prefer to say Gumroad is more like “pay what you want /can”

In my opinion, things do not have the same value for everyone. The value of things is not determined by the time required to do so, but the need and the environment of who wants to use it. If someone does “something” that nobody else can do, others will give much value to that “something”. Only when others reach the necessary knowledge to make that “something”, that “something” will loose value. So something have value only if you don’t know “How To/can” do it (for example if you not have time). With this in my mind, I think this sales system is fair enough. Especially with things related to art, and Things That need produce only 1 time.

Of course, this system could be improved if instead of simply exchanging things for “nothing” or “money”, we could exchange “things” for “things”. Example: hey I like your tree library, I want to thank you for that somehow, have no money, but I do a tutorial / package X / set / whatever that I hope can help you somehow. I send the tutorial / package X / set / whatever to your library on gumroad. A home for spamers, but anyway, we have spam everyday in every place

Now “work in practice?”

That depends on the view, and I can not give you much information as I have only one thing in Gumroad. But for my experience over the years I can say, if you want exchange your stuff for money, is better sell it.
Some data: the trees library have 439 views, have been downloaded 203 times and I receive a donation of 10 $ (thanks you! to that person if read this). I think is not bad for something free.

If you simply want help/other. Works.
I could upload 2.8 G in Gumroad and I have not had to use space on my dedicated server, users who download will get an update automatically if I upgrade, just need re-download (since is not a pay per product and is more “support me”, I’m not feel obligated to made updates to my customers etc , Fine because I can focus in other things, mantenaice of old stuff is a waste of time) , can help me meet people, make contacts, or whatever, users can send money if they see fit and I do not have to feel bad about asking a person, without the knowledge or the time to do the trees, to pay a value for something that not have value for me, because I had the time to do it (The trees are already done,I don’t need purchase it to other, Simple trees for fill up a scene is not on my “needs” list anymore).


Thanks dude that really helped me

Thanks bro

is there a 4.10 version?

Hi guys, I just updated the trees library, I change the wind effect a little but I think looks better. I add the trunk movement to the leaves (thanks for the tip @hevedy) and I reduce the donwload size by deleting all unused content. Also I save it in 4.12


Thank yo very much

It says ‘free’ on Gumroad, therefore where it says ‘fair price’, you type in 0 and then you can download. Obviously, you ain’t very experiences at all this…

Assuming your reply is just for the sake of trolling then?

Awesome! Simply, Awesome :slight_smile:

THX for sharing :smiley:

We should let more UT mappers know this.
Me thinking a map with forest…That could be cool!:wink:

Thanks a lot for this library!

Hi all,

well Im trying to import this assets and the trees dont look really realistic…

or do Im importing it false? UE 4.14.1

yeah its odd i had to put in 1 dollar then when it asked for credit card info i clicked to get out of it then put in 0 where the 1 was and got it for free downloading now

Don’t post something is free then ask for money. This post should be removed or renamed.

Hi Friend
i would like you to contact me!
first - thank you for sharing a great work
second i’m about to lift a huge project and … well just contact me XD

It’s still free, what’s your problem?

Its free but if you want to donate for THIS AMAZING WORK you can. Just comon sense stop bothering someone who made a contribution to our community.

This is a great addition to my foilage library, thnks for making it easy to locate and download!

Anyone else getting warning errors when trying to build the lighting? Overlapping UV’s in all of the trees as far as I can tell. The shadows that are generated are clumpy no matter what I set the light map resolution to. If not for that this pack would be amazing.

But it is free?