Free Translucency

In my projects, I am using stacked translucent sprites in decent amount because most objects have soft edges and it enables translucency sorting (2D game).

Upon inspecting shader complexity in 4.21.2, while viewing some stacked translucent sprites, the result is this.

But viewing exactly the same scene in 4.22.3 shows this.

Has there been a massive improvement making translucent sprites “free” or is it a bug?

for some reason it takes a minute for the shader complexity view to work after you switch into it in 4.22

says shaders compiling in the corner so maybe its a bug or maybe the complexity is more accurate but takes longer.

but whatever the case, if you switch to shader complexity and wait a min or two, depending on your machine and the scene, will eventually look the same as 4.21

Sadly in the case above, all shaders were compiled. I have noticed that ONLY sprites are invisible in shader complexity mode, therefore applying same material to cube or any other static mesh will work.
Screenshot from scene full of sprites and single cube from 4.23.0 (Preview 7), where sprites are completely ignored yet cube is rendered.