[Free] Tiny Blueprint Minecraft Clone - Source

This thing doesnt exist anymore.

Thank you for sharing! What version of the engine was this created in? I tried opening it in 4.11 but got an error saying it was created in a newer(?) version of the engine and none of the assets would open.

Its in 4.11.1.
It should work :c someone on the chat already opened it.

hmm, good idea, but this will not work in UE4 without performance-issues (if you cant get rid of all invisible blocks)

I tried it myself, got it up and running, even created chunks and stuff, but the performance is §$/&/"

I got everything up and running, except the performance-issues <.<

But i have no idea how to fix it in an efficient way.
(The only thing that is a problem for me is to just spawn the visible blocks, everything else is working -.-)

EDIT: There is a working Version somewhere on the Forums, but the creator dodges every question about putting it on Marketplace.

EDIT: Maybe we should work together?

Maybe :c but i think we have different ways togo.
I just wanted to make a cool building game to play in free time, wich would be free for all too. Just havin fun

you can use the new BP->C++ Converter , you have to build it ,try it and tell us the performence changes !

Nah, we could still create the Chunk-system together, and each of us is free to use it for whatever he wants. (or maybe give it to everyone)

Hmm, thats an idea - will try it out.

If you mean John, then yes, he won’t share it.

It’s pretty easy to hide all blocks that don’t have a visible mesh site. There are TONS of algorithms out in the Internet
to rebuild the Chunk System of Minecraft. Blueprint only is always a bad idea for calculation heavy Projects, but
it can be achieved with good performance using a combination of the “Instanced Static Mesh Component” and the
“Procedural Mesh Component”. First one is used for the 27 chunks surrounding you and the second component is used
for everything further away.

If you then only add instances for visible Blocks (blocks that don’t have a block at all 6 sides) and combine multiple faces
into 1 (on the Procedural Mesh Component), then you can get good performance (:

Got it >.<



If ue4 then loads the chunks, it takes about 2 sexonds to add a 20x20x50 Chunk without any lags (the engine somehow can’t spawn the instances faster than that -.-)
Multithreading would fix that, but not in Blueprint -.-

noice! :slight_smile: i hope you can work with that!

Man, this is great!!!:smiley: Worked perfectly! Just like Minecraft Classic.

Hi there,

This is exactly what I’m looking for to implement in the game I am currently working on. Is it already for me to do this with what you folks have here?



Filly can you help me here? I want to add a new material in the game (I am a beginner, even in BP) . How can I do this? How did you convert a Static Mesh Component to Instanced Static Mesh Component? Thanks in advanced.

look in the blueprints you cant miss the flow :smiley: you just add the new block to all arrays and make a new instance root in the main actor.

Filly I did what you told, I added the chunk with the ue4 standard brick texture and made the BP just like the other blocks. It compiled successfully but for some reason it robbed all the other blocks of their textures:-

Please help me. Thanks for the advice.

Edit: The new chunk did not show in the inventory(the hand) but the other blocks have their normal textures in it.

Edit 2:I think the uasset would not be enough for you to help, so here is the complete project:

I figured it out. I did not put it on the hand_item list. It works now.

Yee sry XD but its a free asset with lots of errors… I just gave that out with a small docs.
DId not intent to give support on it that much :3
Its good that you figured it out :3

Isnt a thing anymore.

This thing is still here :slight_smile: tho it needs a few bugfixes. But its free and for all!

plz reupload on another server :frowning:
try this one :

and thnkx