[FREE] ThirdPerson Action Platformer

Thanks mate , looks great .

You’re welcome! - Let me know if you need any help figuring things out!

Hi CoquiGames!
I wanted to know this will be combatible with UE4 4.13 :confused: :smiley:

Hi CamXil,

I havent tried it with the newer versions of UE4 but I think everything should work just fine considering the code is pretty basic.

Im working on an update to the template during the break so stay tuned for an updated version with more abilities / features!

Really cool stuff!
I tried it. Actually it works fine but ledge has some problems. The character grabs on wrong high. And if u update it, can u also try turn corners from ledge?
Thank you

Hi Ersel,

Glad to hear you find it useful. I got your PM and I will consider your requests as Im adding new features during the break :slight_smile: Check out my WIP post for the confirmed upcoming features

Happy New Year!

Great news. i am excited about new updates .And im really thankfull that you will try to make my wishlist too :slight_smile:

i pls want to see some interaction of the foot with the stairs))
even through the animation mixamo
p.s. sorry, I bad speak English)

Hi @CoquiGames I have need speak with you, can contact me on skype or email…Tk

Sorry @CoquiGames correct email and skype is:

Hey @Ersel, I decided to include ladders in the upcoming update! Check out the video on my WIP post.

Using IK would be the next step for all the animations, but sadly Im a noob when it comes to animation and IK, so Im only using the stock Mixamo animations as they are. I will learn it eventually but I dont think I can include it in this coming update.

Hi @visualnotte, I dont use Skype much, but feel free to PM me via the forums :slight_smile:

looks really great.I like the ladder.Useful stuff. Will you also edit ledge in upcoming update and ceiling ? I like it really. Thank you so much for this.

Video is great btw

Hi @CoquiGames you can contact me on email I have need speak with you…:))))

Hi Ersel,

It depends on how long it takes me to finish the current list of features. As far as turning corners I think its already possible - I’ll double check and put an example in the map so everyone knows how to do it.

Grabbing the ceiling will take more time and there is another problem - I can’t find an animation to go with it. Without an animation I’m less likely to do it because it wont be as usable. Do you know where I could get an animation that would work with it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur answer.
In mixamo there is “grab” animation but so go forward i couldnt find. If it takes time for now, leave it for this update. Maybe you can think it for next Update :slight_smile:
For the ledge; i didnt know that turning corners was possible. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Ersel,

I’m wrapping up this update and I was able to include the Walk but not the ceiling climbing. I may be able to add it to the next update :slight_smile:

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ThirdPerson Action Platformer version 1.1 has been released!

Check out my OP for a video of the features and the updated download link!

Updates look really perfect.Good Work :slight_smile: I will try it next week (now i dont have any time) Thank you :slight_smile:

Update good!

Glad you guys liked it!

Feel free to suggest new features for the next update - I’m pretty open right now :slight_smile: