[FREE] ThirdPerson Action Platformer

Update 1.1


Air Jump and Dash - New abilities! You can now air jump (double jump / triple jump) with customizable number of times and impulse. You can also manually slide with customizable speed and duration!

Grapple System - Shoot grapple and swing freely, or pull yourself to object (think Attack on Titan or Bionic Commando for those old timers like myself lol)

Power Ups - You can now easily add permanent or temporary abilities to your character. Includes UMG widgets for both cases.

Dynamic Camera - Took some tips from a GDC presentation on the camera system in Journey. The camera now adjusts FOV and boom arm length based on pitch. Also there is an offset while the character is standing still (rule of thirds). While sprinting the camera pulls back (seen in many games).

Multiple character Select - Added 3 characters (children of master character BP) to demonstrate how easy it is to change abilities. You can switch characters at any time with a key and each character has certain stats / abilities (one is strong but slow, another is weak but fast). I included a UMG widget with the character name and portrait. As well as an easy alert system. Due to the nature of the Character C++ class, I am restricting the switch only when the characters are idle.

True Portal System - Similar to the game Portal, now you have a portal that shows the content of the destination. Easily create as many portals as you want. Teleports player only from one side.

Ladder System - You can now go up and down ladders. Ladder has customizable stats (height, width, number of steps). Ladders can be single or double sided.

Endless Runner Mode - New mode added where the character is running endlessly. There are “boosts” that speed up or slow down the character. The purpose is to have a section in the game where you can force a chase scene or obstacle course.

Other Updates:
-Added switch that opens door example
-Added corners to the edge example
-Added example of tube edge climbing (more flexible in shape)
-General improvements on the climbing code
-Bug fixes


Spacebar - Jump / swim straight up
**Left Shift **- Sprint
Left Alt - Crouch / swim straight down
C - Change camera mode
E - Interact / climb / grab / press switch / climb ladder
R - Toggle between Aim Mode - allows you to shoot your grapple
Left CTRL - Toggle walk mode
1,2,3 Keys - Change between characters

DOWNLOAD HERE - https://www.mediafire.com/?9g4srupiwmseo9h

NEW - Direct Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/9g4srupiwmseo9h/APTemplate_V1_1.zip


Pull Grapple tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL1Azu_syWA

Portal tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F28NKqG7ce8

Original ladder blueprint - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUNnuDUUduQ

Release 1.0

Hi everyone!

Today I’m really excited to finally share my very first UE4 project with the community! I’ve been learning UE4 for about 5 months now and this template is the result of my first game.

Presenting the ThirdPerson Action Platformer template!!

Watch this quick video to get an idea of what you’re getting:


1 .Basic movement and camera controls

True first peson camera

2. Basic Platforming setup

Falling platforms
Dissapearing platforms
Spline-based platforms
Timeline-based platforms

3. Hero Abilities

-Wall climbing
-Rope climbing
-Edge climbing

4. Basic Swimming Setup

-Customizable breath timer
-Two swimming modes
-Air bubbles and more

5. Basic Traps

-2 Basic trap types
-Customize the speed, direction, and instant death conditions
-Ragdoll death sequence

6. Basic Puzzle setup

-Each switch supports up to 5 actors
-Have as many switches as you want
-Customizable playrate, movement order, etc

7. Simple Dark Dungeon setup

-Change skylight settings to create a completely dark scene
-Hover light follows player to limit visibility
-Static lights that follow player

8. Miscellaneous Features

-Checkpoint system
-Camera controls
-Various elevators and switches
-Sound blueprints to setup music, ambient, and voiceovers
-Flexible spawner blueprint - use to spawn a variety of actors using markers
-Ready-made tutorial widgets to display instructions as you introduce new abilities
-Raft blueprint that works with buoyancy - sail in any direction

**9. Possible Future Updates ***

-Save and load functionality
-Main menu example
-Level streaming example map

IMPORTANT: The project does not include any of the custom animations as they were purchased separately and cannot be distributed :(.

However, if someone from the community knows how to animate and is willing to share his/her animations I would love to include them in the template to provide a complete “out of the box” experience.


I learned a LOT from the community and much of the functionality here is based on various tutorials:

Wall Climbing - Peter L Newton’s tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QthdLYxqLEA)

First Person camera and Ragdoll setup - Jonas Mølgaard (Ragdoll 101- Part 1 The initial setup and keeping the Collision Capsule attached - YouTube]((Ragdoll 101- Part 1 The initial setup and keeping the Collision Capsule attached - YouTube))
Several blueprints such as grabbing an object** - Tesla Dev (https://www.youtube.com/user/TeslaUE4)

Recommended Assets that go really well with the template:

Pushable Actor - originally used for the puzzle blueprint. Very nice animations and elegant blueprint
Instant Swimmable Water - contains animations and really nice water with buoyancy

Please let me know what you think and post any questions or issues you find.



Project is compatible with UE 4.12

Work-In-Progress Features:

Not sure yet - stay tuned!

Very nice! Will investigate it much better soon.

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Thanks! Nice project

Thanks , let me know what you think once you get a chance to play around with it :slight_smile:

You are welcome! Hope its useful!

Absolutely Amazing! Thank you so much for making it free!

really nice! thanks a lot!

Just wanted to thank you for your free template. I will use it and hopefully be able to learn from it.

Glad you liked it!

You’re welcome!

Thanks! Hope you found it useful!

i cant stress how much i really wana thank you :smiley:

you know what i love you man i really do ive been learning unreal for 6 months now but i only learned blueprints and i am an idiot

not even a bp pro {tho i spent an hour or a half a day on UE4 on weekends tough lyf :stuck_out_tongue: }

big thanks to people like you for helping us to achieve our goals and dreams

Thanks man!)
maybe the animation from the site mixamo.com may help?)

Really glad to hear it! When I started learning Unreal I found so many people in the community that were willing to help and share free projects that I figured the only way I could give back was to share what I’ve learned with others. I tried to comment the blueprints as best I could so it would be easy to understand, so hopefully you see how I did things and improve it / modify it to your liking :).

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post in this thread and I’ll try to help any way I can.

Have fun!

You are very welcome! I did use Mixamo animations in my project, but Im not allowed to distribute them. You can find the rope climbing animation and the edge grabbing animations (shimmy) in Mixamo and plug them in easily in the animation blueprint :slight_smile:

You are welcome! Feel free to post any questions you have in this thread and I’ll try to help any way I can!

Are you sure? Only ask because I’ve seen content from the Marketplace that contains Mixamo assets

I had a quick look at the project the other day, only thing I would suggest you do is playing with the character movement settings to feel more smooth and easier to ‘platform’ with :smiley:

Now , if someone can not find
The forum is free animation

You got me excited for a minute there! I searched around to see if I could include the Mixamo animations but found this on their forum:

All Mixamo content is royalty free for both commercial and non-commercial use. The only requirement is that the file be embedded in your project. You cannot redistribute the files in .fbx format or any format where the character/animation can be extracted.

Unfortunately, I can’t include them as fbx files, but it should be fairly easy to add them yourself since the animation blueprint already has a place for them :).

I plan to add a few more examples to the project later (switches and doors, level streaming, main menu, etc) so I’ll take a look at the movement settings to make them less “floaty” for that update - thanhks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the link! I’ll see what animations are included.

Would be very grateful if all has added these animations in the project)
Because of my inexperience it’s hard to recreate all the blendspace)
p.s. Sorry for my bad English)

If Anyone is interested in Parkour System and Swimming System, it’s here

非常感谢分享,在攀爬系统上正好遇到了点问题。Thanks :smiley: