Free Textures


I’m currently working on a game. So basically I have a little struggle finding good looking free textures for my objects and weapons. So I was wondering maybe someone knows any good websites or something else where I can find nice (min. HD) textures that I could use in my game freely. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate if you would share with me:)


For people just starting out like you, who I presume aren’t experienced artists yet, your two best resources are and google image search. Anything more advanced than that like hand painting textures, substance, mari, etc are things you really should take the time to learn on your own. There isn’t a website that will provide complete, finished textures for every object and weapon your game needs, you’re going to need to learn to be a texture artist to some extent to get favorable results.

You can download free substances at Substance Share:

I do have to agree with Daniel.Wenograd though, it’s not a bad skill to learn.

You mentioned Google image search. But what about Copyright or any kind of Licenses? How do I know which images I can use freely without any problems with copyright?

Click this box by the search results when using Google images :smiley: