Free Shoreline Material Example

Note: This requires the Engine Content material function “Distance Field” to be marked as exposed to library. Typically I achieve this by copying the Distance Field function from Engine Content into my own content folder, opening it up, marking it as “expose to library” and then using it in the material above.

You’ll also require some images for the shorelines & noise offset. The shorelines texture can just be a black & white texture with horizontal lines going across, and then the noise texture can be a basic perlin noise.


Although Not my Art style this is a seriously cool material, Is there an example I could download ?. as when I tried to look for the function in the engine content It was diffucult to tell what distance field function it was out of the 2 folders combiners Or shapes

Really nice! Thank you for sharing with the community

Anyone having issues w/ this, I set the default values incorrectly, I’m going to update the values at the link but I have the corrected values in this image if you need it sooner.

Hey there, here is a video that shows how to expose that function:

Excellent :slight_smile: