[FREE] Royalty-Free Music


…I am a musical composer and I like to make music.
(Really? Are you a musical composer and you like to make music? Is that the most original thing you’ve ever thought?)
Okay, I’m not good at introductions. So I’ll get to the point: I’ve created a YouTube channel where I’m posting new songs every week to use freely. This is the most recent:

Suscribe to my channel! That’s what they say, isn’t it?

You can download any of my musical works on my official website:

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Good luck with your projects!


How nice of you!
You got quite talent with the music, man. Keep it up and thank you for sharing it with us freely! :wink:


I’m glad you like my music :slight_smile: And thank you for subscribing!

fantastic, added, suscribed

Thank you @ZkarmaKun :slight_smile:


Two more tracks since my last post:

Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for new tracks!

Something of Japanese style here:


New track:

Don’t be afraid of my royalty free music, she is looking for someone to share her love with! <3
Don’t you know her yet? What are you waiting for to have your first date? Try here!

And now something melancholic:

Download it here!

New sci-fi theme:

Download HERE!

THX for making and sharing all your work :smiley:

Thank’s this is great stuff. Thanks for sharing, you’ve got a big heart

Karibu Watu Wangu … it means “Welcome my People”, Awesome! I’m a native Swahili speaker :slight_smile:

Really? That’s great! It’s a pleasure finding a native Swahili speaker, I didn’t know if the title of the song was correct.
I tried to use exact instruments of African origin for that song, I like the rhythms they make.

Thank you guys for your comments :slight_smile:

This is Amazing!! Many people will really apreciate this, thankyou. Intsant sub

I’ll be honest with you, I can see this fit in any Legend of Zelda Game

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad my work is apreciated

Sir, thats is quite impressive and good music. Subbed

Thank you for your hard work and effort. :slight_smile:

Very good job, I love ‘Miss You’, can we also use your songs for commercial projects ?