[FREE] Royalty-Free Music

Thanks , very nice.


I literally just posted in another music related thread. My VR game is a rhythm shooting game and I am currently looking for artists with original songs to add to the game. Game info is on my signature.
To be added in the game is super easy. All I need is the wav file of the music and a midi track (the bit that the player plays) or the music sheet and I can arrange the midi track.
And also the song info and a cover album too!

I think that for now I am limiting up to 3 songs per Artist, so come at me with your best songs.

PS, Free Steam key per song!


Good people such as yourself make the WORLD go around for student beginners and the like! Keep up the great work!!!

subscribed to your channel thanks for your license will give you credit for sure if I use your content in my game thanks again

It’s very motivating for me to read all your comments, so thank you guys for taking your time to write!

Yes! You can use these songs for your commercial projects, just remember to credit.

Congratulation for your game, the idea sounds really exciting! For now, I cannot give you midi files because I’d have to recreate again every song and that takes a lot of work. I plan to do something like this later, but at the moment I don’t have enough time. Sorry. My best wishes to your project!

And here is a new song for free use!

Download HERE!

Hey, that is cool! If you got the music sheet for the songs, I can arrange the midi track, and then I would only need the WAV and the music sheet. (And an image for the cover). :slight_smile:

Cool song BTW.

@Motanum I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

You are awesome. Maybe i put some titles in my small game. I give you an information when its done.


Thank you guys for your comments.
Thank you @Pypatron, it will be a pleasure to know about your game :slight_smile:

This is a reworked version of one of my old works. Feel free to use it:

Download here: Royalty Free Music & Non-Copyrighted Music by Patrick de Arteaga

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See you!

There is a choice of music for games, a different style, look. http://audioluck.com

Thank you for sharing. But you should open a new thread to promote your website and your own music.

And back to the subject, I know I said I would publish a new song every week.
I guess I lied, I’m sorry.
But I’m back with a new track! Better late than never.

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Hey listen! Hey listen! Hey listen! I got a new song :smiley:

Subscribed? Not yet? Why?

Sorry for my absence. But still making music for free:

Check out my website to search for the most suitable for your project:

I also wrote a post where I speak about how to register your creative works if you are interested:

Let’s go now for some rhythm with this theme inspired by classic arcade games like Mega Man X:

You already know where to download my royalty-free music.

Not Giving Up is my latest non-copyrighted song to use in your video games.
Don’t give up and fight for your dreams!

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And now it’s the turn of some action music:

Free to use in your commercial games, as always.
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And take a look at a post I wrote about the MIDI format in video games.

If you ever start doing any Ambient cyberpunk dark moody synthwave stuff like bladerunner, syndicate wars, deus ex / let me know pls

Sure, no problem. I love Blade Runner.

Here my latest royalty-free work, a Western-style track:

Use it in your commercial games, like all my background music.

Hey there!

My latest tracks:

This one goes well with mystery scenes:

And this one is more like for arcade games:

You can see that I’ve remastered my oldest tracks. If you visit my YouTube channel you’ll see some of them, but all of them are available on my website.

Remember that my music is royalty-free and you can download any track and use it in your commercial games. Just give credit to my website.

Enjoy :slight_smile: