FREE Responsive 3D Water with render Targets

Based on the UE4 Render Target Liquid System I created a Blueprint to increase its size :smiley:
Comments are welcome.





How to migrate to your project V2 (OLD)

nice work!!!

Thank you. You do good work always !!!

Version 2.0 of the UE4 dynamic water is on the way with many bugfixes and features for example:

  • tiling working

  • multiple water instances with multiple materials and settings

  • framerate independence simulation

  • improved performance

  • better blueprint communication

  • better material and blueprint layout

amazing job !!!

Thank you brother

Updated to final version 2.0

Wow, I did not expect that huge of a performance increase! That’s seriously impressive!

wow, that really looks impressive. i tried to download it but the zip. archive seems to be korrupt …

Tutorial how to implement

Thanks mate. Works pretty well now. The only thing I notice is the system seems to hang up from the collision checks or something.

The guy who made the $350 marketplace water system revealed a little today how his system works.
He’s using scene depth to check for any object/collision.…system-for-ue/

Jeah I have already finished implementing scene depth for V3… releasing it soon^^

Great job marvelmaster! I really appreciate your contribution.

hi. I was using your water to make an ocean for my island but the water kills the fps…can i use this for ocean, or only small lakes?

Increase the tile scale to lets say 6 or 8 or 10 and if waves are too big then also increase render target resolution :wink:

Updated to V3


V3 looks great - thank you for sharing! I’ve already downloaded it and will try it out tonight!

The infinite plane looks interesting - how much of a challenge do you think it’d be to add some waves to the water? Otherwise this looks like a pretty complete package.

this is phenomenal !!! thank you very much for releasing this for free. Really apriciated !!
i have some issues, though.

  • i have a blueprint with a static mesh in it, moving along a spline through the water. but i cant manage to make the water react to it …
    iadded the water tags, and made sure physics are on, and the mesh has a collision object… but its still not reacting …
  • when i insert the sphere object into the water, my character cant move it as easy as the one shown in the video… i have a point & click mechanic. so i click with the mouse where my char
    should go. i once accidentely managed to move the sphere… but never again since, even if i click like crazy so my char has to walk “over” the sphere … no movement …

can you help me with those things !

but aside these things, its really working very very good
thx again !!

i found the solution for my problems :wink:
twi new occured:

  • i need an invisible actor stirring up the water. but if i set it to hidden in game or apply an invisible material to it, the water isnt moving anymore at all. Is there another way make the actor invisible ?
  • i can set planar reflections on and off. Is there a way to control the power of the reflection ?
    kind regards
    this is adding so much to my game ! thx a thousand times again !!!
    kind regards

Thank for this project works great and also for yours tutorials on youtube are very interesting and well done.

Cool. create plugin hair?