[FREE] Radar Blueprint - Track enemies, friends, pickups and more!

**UPDATE **- I just released a new version of the radar template that uses UMG Widgets instead of a custom HUD class! See below for download link!

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share my Radar BP with the community. This is the same system I’m using on my Arcade Space Shooter Template.

This is based on the Shooter Game Tutorial found >Here< (Please check out this page and support the dev if you can!).

UMG Widget:

Custom HUD Class


  • Track any item by simply adding the component BP to your actor / object

  • 4 Built-in categories to choose from:

  • Flying Enemy

  • Ground Enemy

  • Boss

  • Pickup

  • Easy to customize radar range and scale

**[NEW] UMG Widget **- CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Unreal Engine version 4.17)

HUD Class - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Unreal Engine version 4.15)

you are the man !

Thanks @issam1975! Hope you found it useful!

Sweet and simple. Thank you for sharing this!

Massive thanks for this, I hit a serious wall when I wanted to have a radar system for my cockpit sim.
now I only need a targeting lock on system ,trying to emulate something like elites.

Glad you guys found it useful :slight_smile: I also struggled to figure this out for a while, so I wanted to share this in case others had the same issues.

Quick question: Is this the same camera with rendertarget on plane technique which has been out for quite some time - or a different approach?

Hi Tymax,

No, this is not using RenderTarget. This is using DrawTexture directly to the HUD class. This means is not as flexible as a widget (unfortunately), but allows you to draw directly to the screen.

Amazing, thats exactly what i was hoping for! :slight_smile:
Thanks alot for sharing your work with the community, cant wait to look into it!

You’re welcome :cool:

Radar Cheat Sheet / Quick Changes

Cheers for helping keep Community Tools alive: @CoquiGames!
Radar works well, in fact code works as far back as UE4 ver 4.10.
Cheat sheet / quick changes (in purple) to make Radar support:

  1. Local Split-Screen (Avoiding Player-0 hardcoding)
  2. ‘Large-worlds’ Settings
  3. Above / Below visual indicators for all Radar Actors (Texture-Variable cleans up duplicated code)
  4. Pawn-Respawns / New-Players / Way to delete Radar-Actors w/o needing to wait for actor death (Ragdoll)
  5. Actor-Tags for Adding / Deleting Radar actors in Gamemode etc. (Comp_TrackInRadar now optional)
    Known Bugs:
    [spoiler]Game Window sizes other than maximized 1920 x 1080 may cause split-screen HUDs to overlap.[/spoiler]

Thanks for the improvements @franktech!

I’d like to include some of your updates but when I click on the attachment link it gives me an “Invalid album specified” error. Can you double check and see if there is an issue with the attachments?

Thanks again for the improvements!

Cheers! Fixed now! Was using Photo-Album: Public - Album will be viewable by all visitors
But if Public-Albums are blocked it may be a forum bug. [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] might check it??

I can see the images now - thanks :slight_smile:

Attitude Indicator

This tweak adds a basic Attitude Indicator. Its helpful if you’re using Jetfighter / Full-6DOF-Ship mechanics.
As right now when the Player’s Craft is inverted target enemies above or below don’t update to reflect that.
So this adds a color update to the center player icon as a spatial awareness warning (red upside-down etc).

Note: This isn’t anywhere near as cool as the approach Elite-D takes, with its fully immersive 3D Radar HUD.
But if you’re not used to space combat shooters it can be disorienting to begin with, so this is a fix for now…


Thanks for the improvements @franktech!

Very cool! I will give it a try in my GTA-remake - Iam not yet sure, whether I want to have a minimap showing pickups and enemies, but I will definitely test it :wink:

Hi Hackmet,

Glad you found this useful. Remember that each actor is added via an Actor Component so you can easily choose which objects appear in the Radar :).

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update on this radar template - I finally got some free time and started exploring how to create a similar radar in UMG. I’m happy to say that I have a basic prototype already working!

This is all part of my work for my Arcade Space Shooter Template- so I get to share my progress for free with the community :slight_smile:

Shout out to @franktech for linking me the thread that explained how to do this :smiley:

Stay tuned - hopefully this new method works out and I can share it with you all soon!

Glad to help! Excited to see how 3D radar turns out… :slight_smile: