[FREE PROJECT] Physics Driven Spacecraft

Hello everyone,

I have shown a couple of videos on a physics driven space sim kind of game in this thread of mine before and today i’m finally sharing the whole project with you. Feel free to use it’s contents in your own commercial/non-commercial projects(all the meshes are placeholders though, so i wouldnt use them in a released project…)

I’ll upload an updated video later today.

I tried to comment everything as much as i could but please post here if you see anything absurd or confusing and i’ll explain. There are also a couple of minor bugs but it’s up to you to fix them if you happen to run into them as i dont think i’ll be working on this project anymore.

Download for 4.9.1 > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0L…ew?usp=sharing

Download for 4.18 > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0LlbsIm3HuuOWFrcEtmZW9qbnM/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-_2ZpPqSbeGuvcyxe3EbaGg

Integration: @frostic has a 2 part video tutorial on how to integrate this to your own project in 4.18. Link to his post:

Going to give this a download :slight_smile:

Ayıp ayıp :smiley:

İnsan kendi forumunda da paylaşır ha? :smiley:

Awesome! thanks a bunch. Can’t wait to check it out.

I’ve updated the video and the project as well; ran into a couple of things i had missed regarding the landing system in ViperBP but it’s all good now.


nice, thanks man!

thanks :):slight_smile:

holy cow this things difficult to control haha. very awesome though :slight_smile:

You rock! Thanks!

I look for the missiles :slight_smile:

Yeah, when i first started the project it made me appreciate gravity and friction even more. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use ViperMissile BP. Keep in mind that it’s physics and collision is disabled until it gets fired in order to prevent some collision issues i ran into at high velocity.

You can make the missile ignore its owner entirely using the “Ignore Actor When Moving Node”, I ran into these same issues with high velocity characters and projectiles.

It’s kind of a wonky node, I can’t remember if I put it on the projectile or the character or both.

Velocity Inheritance is important too, without it you can easily run into your projectiles

Good to know, thanks!

For bullets i just disabled weapons after certain velocity since they are spawned as you fire anyway so they dont cause the same collision issue as attached components.

This project is fantastic I love the way it feels.

Is there an easy way to set up the controls differently? I’m looking to get them closer to Star Citizen with Q/E as roll, and Mouse X to turn direct right and left without the roll.

Thank You, Jacky! For sharing this. I am a person who have finally decided to go hell with it and try to make something by myself, because nobody else is making recently a game exactly like I want! :slight_smile: Hehe… Well, maybe “Firewing: Fall of Icarus” may come close to that, but we will see. Anyway, right now I am collecting links, resources, tutorials for dummies, etc. Thanks for your project! Some day, i definetely will make my own “New Terminal Velocity” game! :slight_smile: (who was gaming in 90-ties will understand my reference :wink: ).

Happy to help! Good luck with your endeavour. :slight_smile:

Btw, for anyone interested, i figured out another flight mechanic that doesn’t require physics simulation(thrusters and all that) and doesnt have gimbal lock issue. It is a bit more arcade-ish but it’s fun to fly around with. If anyone needs something like that i can set up a sample project with it as well sometime.

Oh, so glad to hear from you, and Thank You for luck wishes - i am gonna need it… :slight_smile: Btw, Viper is not exactly working right away in latest UE version (4.18), but I installed 4.9.2, and it works there (as far as I tried).
About that “anyone interested” in arcadey-ish version - that would be me, also me, and then me again (for so you see it is not just one interested… or something :)) ). I have to go thru all the basics of engine usage, but I sure want to “jump some shortcuts” too, by looking at semi-ready projects. I am also considering to buy this recently released:
But, there is that “buy” part, and even if I am working man, kinda short right now… So I search for free examples. Since I mentioned gaming in 90-ies, DOS times, my age (or, as I say - “body age”) can be kinda guessed, but it seems lately my addiction to this genre is here to stay, and latest advancements on game making accessibility is triggering in me to do something :slight_smile:
My level of craziness on this can be seen by my Twitter, and Tumblr blog. Links allowed? I will try… :


definitively interested !
please do it :slight_smile:

Hey, may I ask why you made the character shoot a linetrace downwards all the time? Is that for gravity?

I’ll take a look and let you know!

By the way, how broken is the project on 4.18? @Thunder_Owl mentioned something but i havent checked yet. Hopefully it’s just compile warnings regarding some functions changing into something else in time as i dont have time to update the whole project. :\ I’m working on another project nowadays.

I was using that for some tests on custom gravity stuff but it didnt go anywhere then i left it to get the surface normal so that i can align the skeletal mesh i think? I dont remember. :frowning: Check out what i’m doing with that line trace’s hit result and you shall get your answer!

I'll try to prepare the sample project as soon as i can. In the meantime, if any of you guys have bothered to update the Viper project to 4.18 without any errors(except for stuff like the one @franktech mentioned) feel free to share it here. I can upload it to my google drive account so that everyone can have it.