[FREE PROJECT] Physics Driven Spacecraft

Hello again! Umm, soo, notification not working here? :slight_smile: I did not know. Anyway, semi-off topic, I want to share my joy, I had my first 3 days with UE4, and I am hooked :slight_smile: Sure, I only do “lego-style” assets juggling, but still - it is awesome :slight_smile: My first “mix” here:"New Terminal Velocity" - UE4 Aerial Sci-Fi Combat - Test1 (2017-11) - YouTube want to say Thank You to Author of this Viper project, existence of such was one of catalysts to start do stuff :slight_smile: Actually, Viper was first that I tried in that low-poly level, and it worked. I added all needed controls inputs, and it was flying and shooting, but - yeah, it is a bit too good (too serious) for my current ideas, and Viper movement is really more for open space. That being said, I sure will continue to experiment with it. But, also - would be super awesome, if some “relaxed” movement structure would become available :slight_smile:
Thanks one more time !!

Hey there!

I get notifications in the forum. It becomes a problem when i dont stop by here since i get no email notifications.

That looks more like a game than most of the indie games on Steam nowadays. So, great start! :slight_smile:

@franktech thanks for the info on all of those issues! Even though destructible part of the viper isn’t working as it used to be anymore at least it’s not giving errors. And i agree, it’s weird that the plugin isnt enabled by default. :
And that variable name weirdness for GatesPassed… I’m not questioning that. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve changed the name and it works.

You can download the updated project from here:


It is for 4.18, and it also includes a new pawn BP with the flight control i had mentioned.
You’ll find the new pawn inside the folder named November2017. It is bare bones compared to the old Viper but it should give you the idea. You can implement the other stuff into this easily.

  • FloatingPawnMovement component controls speed. You can adjust the parameters in it’s details panel > Floating Pawn Movement tab.
  • InterpTime variable controls how many seconds the rotation lag for the ship should take.


Jacky, Thanks a Million!! :slight_smile: Downloading new one now… (done). You know, about what you said “That looks more like a game than most of the indie games on Steam nowadays”, first of all, Thanks for supportive words, but second… what you said, it is kinda true, isn’t it? So many confusing “somethings” on Steam and Android store …

You’re welcome @franktech & @Thunder_Owl !

Sadly, yes. :\ You can see many horrible examples of such games on Jim Sterling’s youtube channel. You’d think they would put more effort into their games after such public humiliation but nope. They keep filling steam with trash.

Btw, i forgot to mention;
ViperBP gives a warning regarding Get Center of Mass being in construction script. I havent fixed it because it hasnt broken anything for me, but if you like you can move those set location functions to EventBeginPlay.

Hello again! I just amazed myself, really. I successfully (well, more or less) implemented control system from new Viper_Simple to original Viper blueprint! I mean, I had zero experience in Blueprints editing, I just used common sense, “educated guesses”. Sure, I deleted thing or two. Or five. :))) To get that thing compiled. But, I got essential things working! Point was, to keep all shooting system, sounds, etc intact, just mess with controls. Now, mouse controls (rotation mod too) works, directionals works too, shooting goes on, Cylon shoots at me, sounds are intact (maybe not all, not sure), cameras switching works. Wow… I honestly was a bit sceptical how it will go. Sure it is not perfect. I deleted blocks like boost, head something, some more - there were errors about “Something_C” needed to be recompiled, so I avoided that for now. By deleting features :slight_smile: Btw, I got situation sometimes, that I start to float a little, uncompensated. So, I probably deleted too much :slight_smile:
Anyway - Thanks, Jacky! Sharing my intense joy here :slight_smile: Creation (well, “reverse engineering”…) is fun!

Okay, just some more of my joy sharing here:"New Terminal Velocity" - UE4 Aerial Sci-Fi Combat - Test2 (2017-11) - YouTube UE4 testing playground.
Links of all resources used are in video description. Basis is this this project by Jacky, with imported low poly map from one other source, turrets from another, and some hours (well, days) of trying, editing, learning, figuring out this and that. :wink:
P.S.: please, don’t think of my recent posts as self promotion, my posts are about saying Thankyou to Author and letting him know his work is really useful for someone :wink:

Nice job!

Dont worry about hijacking the thread. I’m more than happy to see what people do with all the stuff i share. :slight_smile:

Hello! I was trying to send one private message, but system won’t allow me, says “quota exceeded”… I really would like to ask one question, but maybe not spamming here? Where could I contact you, Jacky? Short version of question - I want to understand “Toaster” AI behaviour, why it is following anything “Player0”, but shooting only if that’s Viper ship. Thank You!
And, MERRY CHRISTMAS ! To anyone here :wink:

THIS IS AWESOME!!! OMG TY!!! I made a tutorial how to integrate to your own project and they can be found at

video 1

video 2:

Indeed, isn’t it? :slight_smile: This project was one of my initial positivew pushes into UE4 editing. Can not Thankyou Author enough.

That’s awesome! Thanks a lot for taking the time to make the tutorial. :slight_smile:
I’ll update the first post with a link to your post.

Knot bed, knot bed,

isn’t the model from battle star galactica? I think that is why he said don’t use it.

Hi @franktech ! All the meshes are modeled by me, so you have no problems there use/modify them as you like. However the designs belong to the owners of BSG, whoever they are, and they are very recognizable, so it’d be better if you spent your time on your own design really.

Is it possible with this to use just the ship and fly it in our own projects? Also i gues the ship is not useable as is because of BSG copyright?

When I started UE4 last year, this free project was one of important driving forces. To experiment, co combine, to understand. You can try to make a new maps, areas inside this project, you can export (migrate) ship related content from here to other project - try and see. :slight_smile:
Here, for example, one of my early experiments, using this Colonial Viper asset (later released “relaxed control” version, check thread): "New Terminal Velocity" - UE4 Aerial Sci-Fi Combat - Test2 (2017-11) - YouTube

the 4.9.1 version , is that earlier than the 4.18 or is it supposed to be 4.19.1? Also are you saying the ship model shouldnt be used in a commercial project because of some copyright issue? ————————————————————Can i enter and exit the ship with my character?

@razmaz51 It’s 4.9. You can update the project to 4.19 if you like, i dont think you’ll have any problems. About the ship; yeah, the design doesnt belong to me obviously so it would cause copyright issues. Apart from that the model itself is low quality so i wouldnt use it as it is in a game i’m going to release.

Hi there, I’m having a problem with the project,… I’m replaced the static mesh with my own… and all i want to do is move the location of the thrusters to a different position but no matter what i do, it’s like they’re locked to the front of the ship…

I looked at the construction script and unpinned it to see if that would help, but no…even doing that the thrusters position does not change… I’m not sure what im doing wrong…

Any help! ?? I’m using 4.18

I am not able to see my copy of project right now, but, quick idea - maybe thrusters are attached to mesh sockets (i don’t remember right now)? If so, make sockets on your mesh where needed.