[Free] Persistent multiplayer template from scratch in 45 minutes

In this video tutorial, I show how to set up a persistent multiplayer game template from scratch. It takes about 45 minutes (not including build times).

Included features:

  1. Server persistence - objects remain in position even across server downtime
  2. Player persistence - inventory and currency travel with the player across servers
  3. Microtransactions - in-game purchases, and in-game currency rewards
  4. Friends
  5. Recent players
  6. Party (team)
  7. Chat
  8. Dedicated server manager built to scale with your player base

Extend the template with your game’s assets and code, or migrate the code out of the template into your own existing game (back it up first).

The plugin and game code are free and open source.

What can you use it for? Games or VR environments where the server can be changed by the players. Multiplayer adventure games that span multiple connected servers. Exploration games that extend into infinity. Social games that use servers to host group gatherings.

Disclaimer: This is beta!