[ Free ] Networked UMG Menu w/ Host/Join, Settings, Health/Item replication. All BP!

Hi, I got allot of people asking how to do menus with settings and the joining and hosting of a game in my framework. So i cooked up an 11 megabyte, all blueprint unreal project. That you can grab for free to either use in your own projects or just look to see how its done. I tried to keep everything super simple and readable as i tend to make really obfuscated blueprints.

Its non-networked features include; A Main menu level with Host Game, Join Game, Settings, and Quit button. An in game pause menu (Return to game, settings, main menu, quit buttons)
The settings menu comes with its own Menu, with all settings buttons (low,medium,high,epic) post processing buttons (low,medium,high,epic) a screen scale slider, and screen resolution (note the screen res buttons don’t work. i intentionally left them blank so you have something left to figure out! <3)

Its networked features include; The Hosting and Joining from a UMG Menu of either a listen server or local game.

It has a properly replicated character, complete with Health and an Item (bomb).

[SIZE=2]Make sure you enable UMG in the experimental options.
You can see a simple video here :slight_smile:

You can download it here :slight_smile:

Questions, Comments, Concerns, and Ideas are most appreciated.

Have a good day !

oooooh yay!

Another great community offering!

Nice job Saxon Rah!


Thanks a lot Saxonrah !

Edit : Don’t forget to activate UMG in Edit / Editor preferences / Experimental ^^

^ Ah yes i totally forgot about that!!! I updated the original post, thanks for pointing that out mate!

Double post - I can’t wait for 4.6 to add those awesome new networking nodes shown on the twitch stream !

Thanks Rama and Fen :slight_smile: