Free Network Compendium | Gets you started with Multiplayer! | Current Version: 1.5.0

What an excellent resource! Thanks for your hard work, I have bookmarked this :smiley:

Document updated to 1.3.0. Added an additional page with the information about the PlayerArray replication. Cheers!

Hey party people (: The Compendium is still a thing and I would like to bump the thread so more UE4 Devs see it. Enjoy (:

New small update including the latest “PlayerState” changes in 4.13.

  • PlayerState now has a Blueprint Version of “Override With” and “Copy Properties”.
  • PlayerName variable can be changed by using “ChangeName”, a GameMode function.

Download link is still the same.

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Updated with newest 4.14 changes.
Might not contain all of them and definitely needs information about the new GameMode and GameState split.


Release Notes of 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 (Latest):

1.4.0 Change List:

  • Added Information about the newly pull-requested PlayerState functions: “EventCopyProperties” and “EventOverrideWith” (Page 27)

1.5.0 Change List:

~ Updated Picture of Variable Replication to show new “Bitmask Enum” and “Replication Condition” (Page 53)

~ Updated Picture of Variable RepNotify to show new “Bitmask Enum” and “Replication Condition” (Page 56)

~ Updated Picture of Advanced Settings to show the current available Settings, including “Auto Connect To Server” (Page 102)

  • Added Note that “Replication Condition” is now available (4.14) in Blueprints (Page 53)

  • Added Information about “Auto Connect To Server” Setting (Page 103)

– Removed Note about “Replication Condition” not being available in Blueprints (Page 54)

My website is moving server and domain. I’ll update all links a soon as it’s available again. Sorry for the compendium not being available.

I am interested in reading this, would love a new working download link at some point, thanks!

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Link seems to be dead.
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Will try to get the document back online tomorrow.
Link will be different though.

My new page is online. It currently only has the Compendium post to make sure you are all up an running again!

Awesome this was way more comprehensive then I expected.
Been a while since I worked in UE 4 so need some refreshing of the subject.

Much appreciated!

Hi eXi,

I don’t know how on earth I overlooked this amazing resource. This Manual should have a permanent link somewhere in the Official Unreal Engine Networking Documentation, if it doesn’t already. Thank you, Sincerely!

Well I’m glad you found it because you bumped it to the top and now I found it too! This is amazing eXi thank you for taking the time.

You are welcome (:

I don’t understand how this wonderful ressource could manage to avoid all my google searches on the matter…

Thanks unrealengine’s twitch chat for sending me here!

Haha, haven’t watched the replication twitch stream yet, but already heard people were recommending it :smiley:
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@eXi The blog post links on Using Sessions via C++ starting from page 94 is broken.

Ah, thanks for telling me .I’ll try to update them.
In the meantime use this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums