[FREE] more than 150 modular assets for ue4

Hi, i was planning to sell those assets but actually they are not finished, the uv’s are not and i didn’t do some texturing just plug-in some basics materials so, and i can’t work on them because have a lot of work, so if you want them just go and download at [REDACTED] for some screenshots [REDACTED]

Wow, an incredible gift to the community : A big thank you for this, Sangloo !

no problem just enjoy, i forget to tell but download just the updated version and for better result you need to rework some uv’s i’ve done them quickly so they arefar from beiing perfect

the assets look amazing it is a shame you did not find time to polish them ,thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

sorry i’m working up to 15hours a day for some projects i really don’t have time right now but i’ll try to make some time and polish them

For free? Wow, these are nice. Thank you for sharing!

These are super useful for me… donated a bit to show my appreciation, thank you OP :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, i’ll be adding some other stuff later on have a lot of stuff i’ll never use and a lot of projects i’ll never finish will add some models unreal 4 scenes… from time to time so keep looking at time and thank for donations

Be lovin’ me some free stuff. Especially when it’s this awesome! Thank You!

Awesome! Thx for sharing. :slight_smile:

Super awesome assets and them being free makes them even better.

Thanks guys

Wow brilliant thanks

sangloo. Do You were going to sell it in the marketplace? Wasn’t going ?
Why, Free?:confused:

This could be there too, with more modularity options and you could earn a few bucks.

This is really a very cool work.

The community really appreciates this being free! Clean models and interesting modifications :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thanks, got almost 100 download on gumroad

Thanks sangloo!!

Thanks!! Such a nice gift :slight_smile:

NO prob enjoy,

Extremely generous! :slight_smile: Thanks for the share!