[FREE] Modular Road Tool

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to finally share my Modular Road Tool with the community!!



Tutorial - Adding custom mesh and materials to MRT

UE 4.18+


  • Spline-based road tool makes it easy to create your roads in-editor
  • Quickly change between 1 lane and 2 lane roads
  • Fully modular - use your own meshes and materials on each road segment individually!
  • Auto-support added if the road is above the ground (configurable)
  • Flexible Blutilities - Attach to other roads, align to surface, align landscape to the road, spawn end meshes and actors, clone roads, and even spawn connectors directly
  • 2 types of connectors - 4 way and 3 way connectors with options for side walk meshes per corner and individual materials
  • Add custom meshes to the side of the road - included light poles in this example with ability to define separation and material per road
  • Flexible materials - change the road color and texture, change the visibility and color of individual lines on the road, and even add weather effects like rain or snow!
  • BONUS - simple slope-based landscape material with grass and dirt, with option of adding snow
  • 3 demo scenes included - sunny, snowny, rainy to showcase the materials

Please let me know what you think and post here if you have any questions.


This is a nice complimentary city pack that goes really well with this tool - check it out!

Download - HERE

Another free gift for community : thank you !

Thanks Fen! Just happy to give back to the community when I can :slight_smile:

Any plans to put this on github so the community could help contribute to this?

absolutely great - thank you very much for that contribution

Any way to implement this into an existing project? Bit of a noob here.

Asside from copying the provided “MRT” folder into the game directory, is there a way to import this into an existing project, keeping the material, textures, and meshes intact? When I copy the provided information into my game, the material information is lost. Each texture needs to be remapped to the material. Any solutions?

Open his Project in UE4 and then use the Migrate option in the content browser menu

That’s a great idea! I’ll see if I can do that :slight_smile:

You’re welcome - glad you found it useful :slight_smile:

You can right-click the MRT folder and select “Migrate” then navigate to your other project’s directory and place it inside the “Content” folder. Everything should work fine (materials will be preserved). Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is great! I love that the entire thing is made in Blueprints, it makes it really easy to open up and learn from. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Glad you found it useful :slight_smile:

Is it possible to quickly connect roads between connectors? Also fantastic work, this was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

Hey @StrangeLove13 ,

I’m not sure what you mean by “connect roads between connectors” - Do you mean like spawn a connector from a road and have the connector automatically spawn a road that “continues” the previous road?

Also, glad you found the tool useful :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share this awesome free pack that goes great with the Modular Road Tool - Its a free download!

Download HERE

Note - this isn’t my pack, but a fellow dev who was nice enough to give this away!

Oh, right! I did see that pack before. But thanks for reminding about it, now when we have “MRT”, this looks more valuable :slight_smile:

Who hasn’t downloaded yet this free (!) MRT (Modular Road Tool), let me show you what example maps are already included there by Author, you got these ready pieces by not doing anything at all! ;-D :slight_smile: (but, seriously - Thanks a lot for this, Coqui Games!)

Thanks @Thunder_Owl! :slight_smile:

I really love this! this made it so much easier for me to make some roads!
Just a small question… is it also possible to replace/make my own intersections instead of the default ones ? and is it also possible to make my own rail road crossing ?

PS: It sometimes lags a bit when I place the road (?)