Free Models ; Re-Release!

Hello all

Some of you may remember a previous topic where I released a bunch of random models from an old Unreal project for free.

Well, this is basically a re-release of that, but they’re now imported into Unreal so you can use them in your projects straight away (and they should look roughly correct). As before, these are public domain - meaning you can use them however you want, and don’t even have to give any credit if you don’t want to. You don’t even have to pay for them!

Download on Gumtree here!
(Just enter 0 if you don’t want to pay anything!)

Thank you for making these available for free. I downloaded the pack and those items I can make use of are very well done. Thanks again.

Awesome pack man. Will check it out. Thanks for the awesome assets.

Thank you so much for releasing this! I’m working on a personal project that might only see limited release, and these are exactly what I’m looking for!

Thanks Dude Keep up the great work.

Very nice :smiley:

THX for sharing!

Made a post at my blog :slight_smile:

and for the second time, i thank you !!!

great share, thank you.

That’s a lot of cool free stuff :slight_smile: thanks a lot .

Thank you so much for this. Its really nice! :slight_smile:

Thank you Dude!

where do I download them

It’s in the first post…

I can’t believe this is free, sir, you are the best.
The assets are better then the paid ones from the marketplace, thank you very much

I can’t seem to download anything from that link. I get to the page that has the links to dowload or open in app, but nothing happens. I made sure to turn off any ad or pop-up blocker. Still nothing. What am I missing?

Thanks for making this wonderful assets for free