[Free Mini Project] The Horror Project

Hi there all.

KitatusStudios here with another free Thing for you all. Today, I’m giving you “The Horror Project”!

What is the Horror Project?

It’s a mini project that is the base for you to expand upon. It’s a little rough around the edges but that shouldn’t matter too much, as it’s a base for you to build upon and make awesome for whatever use you may need. I advise you rip it apart and see how everything runs.

Well, What Do I Learn In the Project?

Taking apart the project; You’ll learn how I got around the Subtitles system; How I used Video to Texture, Basic uses of Matinee for jump-scares .etc - It features ways around casting to things when the thing won’t cast (Example, if you can’t cast to the level blueprint, cast to the Player and set a bool then call that bool from the Level Blueprint).

It also covers the basics of level streaming for those interested in breaking their huge worlds into smaller chunks.

It’s nothing special but it should be something for all to enjoy.

Why did you do this?

Because I love the community and want to help in anyway I can, hence why I write the free books and do what I do!

Can I use anything I download in my own Project?

Of course! The only problems I should point out is that the Audio is from free sources around the web (When you export them from the file, it should credit the author and origin of the file) and the post-process is from the Epic Games Japan Youtube page, and some of the meshes are from the Realistic Rendering example, but you should be free to follow the rabbit-hole on the origins of those files and I believe you’ll be able to use them all commercially too.

The project isn’t finished…?

Because it’d be a perfect exercise to get you to finish it and make it your own!

Is that… a Twin Peaks Reference?

You mean the dancing man in the red curtained room? I don’t think I could’ve made it more obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we have some Screenshots / Videos to see what the project is about?


VIDEO: [video][/video]

Can I Donate to support what you’re doing?

A few people have asked me about this, and I feel absolutely flattered. I’m currently in the process of setting up a donation Paypal for those who want to contribute to the cause; Every penny raised helps go towards the production of Super Distro and the “So You Want To Make Video-Games?” book.

Temporary Donate Button! - Donate Here!

Where’s the Download link?

It’s right here!


I hope you enjoy everyone; As I say it’s a little rough around the edges but it should be a great tool for learning little tips and tricks when creating projects with Unreal Engine 4!

Have fun!

It does take long :smiley:

Srsly you’re too good man :smiley:
Waiting to test it out ^^

Currently at 35% upload as the previous upload failed :<

lol well …things happen

After problem after problem, here’s the download!

Would you please post screenshots?

Done! That took longer than expected but everything has been uploaded now.

Well… Almost everything. Got some extra models / animations which I’ll upload when I get a spare moment.

Thank you for the project. The download is a bit large isnt it? I removed the intermediates and end up with 2GB project size after it build, instead of 11 :slight_smile:

Shoot, complete Oversight. That’s my bad! When I get a spare moment, I’ll sort things out!

Great idea;
Yep, me too i am awaiting french book and your paypal , will give you 10€ (~13$) by book and I will certainly contribute to the cause

Thank you

:wink: The French version should hopefully be out soon; I’ve found a translator and we’ve been working closely to bring the book to life!

In regards to donating, feel free to donate here, it’s greatly appreciated! DONATE BUTTON

Voila , i keep the button for next contribute
10.38€ = 7.87£ only ? Can you verify it ?
Thank you

Thank-you kindly!

Paypal (after fees) means your donation = £7.36, that’s extremely grateful of you!

All right good , no problem, it 's my pleasure :o
thank to you

Hi Kitatus Studios,

Really anxious to try out your amazing project after learning so much from your UMG and Portal projects.

However I am having compiling errors and cannot open the project, was this engine developed in 4.4+?

When I try to open the project it tells me it is out of date, I recompile, it fails, and the game module ‘HP’ does not appear to be up to date and tells me to try to recompile again.

I am using 4.4

4.5.1 Sadly :< It was originally developer in 4.4 but halfway through development I moved over to 4.5.1, to take advantage of Retargeted Animations (Of the main character)

Speech synthesizers are getting better is it?

Which one did you use KitatusStudios?

I can’t remember off the top of my head; But I don’t think they can be that good if you could tell it was a Speech Synth :wink:

It was when it swallowed sounds in a way only tts does :wink: