[FREE] Materials & Textures Pack

Hey Guys,

Thought it was time I showed my face on the forums. I’m a UE Newbie just learning to write games with a few mates for the first time. I’ve already grown to love the UE Community when it comes to the tutorials i’ve found, and would like to give something back.

It’s not much I know, but this pack contains 148 Textures and 17 Materials I have collected from various royalty free sources with no licence requirements. 3 of the materials are actually based on Tron, with one changing colours every time it is constructed.

Hope you enjoy it guys, and I promise better content will come eventually!

148 Textures & 17 Materials Pack

Got any pictures? 1GB blind download doesn’t sound too pleasant.

My Apologies, screenshots added

This is great, thanks for sharing.

Ty for sharing :slight_smile:

:)thank you

Could someone please inform me on how to import these textures into my project? I dragged over content from the download to content in my project under documents. I attempted to put all the contents into it’s own separate folder, but it just turns the materials/textures when i apply them to a scene into black and gray checkered boxes. Thanks for reading and hopefully I explained my self correctly.

If you open the included .uproject file, you can then right click the materials you want and choose “Asset actions > Migrate” and Migrate them into any project you wish to use.

Thank you, I haven’t seen that button in UE4 yet, I will try it once I get home.

Thank you!

thank you very much for sharing

Thanks for giving these out to the community!

Thank you very much

Hi, Im having a serious problem with this and Im guessing im doing something wrong and I cant quite figure out what.
I am migrating the contents of the project to another project, tried more than 1, using migrate, when migrated the material does not perform as it does in theis project.
to make the emissive line on the outer box, i select the object I add the material and I make it “Fit” on all sides. This makes the objects material perform as it should , in the above pictures.
If i migrate the project to another project, doing the same thing does not produce the same result. instead the object is now bright, like I applied the material to all sides of the object “BOX” and nothing else.
tried on an empty project and various others all with the same result.
What am I doing wrong?!
HELP!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

thanks man, seriously appreciated it

muchas gracias, :wink:

Hey man thanks!

Thank you very much

ELEET thank you!!!)