[FREE MATERIAL] Glass templates - free download

I found couple posts / questions about glass (or window if you like) material in Unreal Engine 4, so I decided to make easy-to-use templates.

I used Nick Donaldson (https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?475-Nick-Donaldson) suggestion to achieve more natural glass look (on edges).

I’ve uploaded zipped package with UE4 materials on my blog: UE4 Material – Glass | Unreal Engine 4 blog. Feel free to download it. Hope you like it.



Extremely cool! Thanks a lot!! :cool:

Very useful, thank you!

Thanks, I appreciate your willingness to share.

A perfect addition to the developer’s toolkit. Thanks much!

Great work m.orzelek! Thanks for sharing your work with the community. Hope you will be able to share more in the future!

Great stuff…Thanks for sharing…

Very cool, many thanx!

Thanks guys. I will upload more free stuff on this blog soon. I just need more time to prepare packages.
and btw: if any of you use assets from blog, let me know. I would like to see results :slight_smile:

Hi, good work, but the glass edges in all variations are not realistic

Thanks a bunch glass materials are one thing on my list to learn.

Very good job!!! Thx! :slight_smile:

Wow, you’ve got a lot of cool stuff on your blog. I’m constantly surprised by the generosity on display around here. This is very good of you.

Nice, thanks. By the way, what’s the actual license for this and other free stuff you post on the blog? CC0 or something else? Is it completely safe and free to include some of it into a small, potentially commercial indie project?

Thanks for sharing! Looks great!

Thanks guys for the comments!

It really depends on a type of a glass and its thickness. Here’s the example:


Anyway, my material supports vertex painting, so you can control the ‘edge’ effect.

Yes, you can use it anywhere you want. I ask only for the credits if you use it in your project / game.

And btw, I’m currently working on an advanced glass material pack. Hopefully it’ll be on the Marketplace soon. Stay tuned if you’re interested in such materials :slight_smile:

here’s WIP: http://imgur.com/VEVibWZ

Hi, the windows or glass edges must have mix of gradient and a little transparency (or refraction) to achieve realistic ones. If you achieve that, your material will become the killer in glass section!

How can i add to UE 4.8?

Thanks so much Sir/Mam